Shigure Soen Ryu:

07 -- Shibuki Ame 繁吹き雨 (Splashing Rain) - Defensive. Yamamoto holds the sword backwards and spins to create a whirlwind like shield.

Yamamoto Takeshi
24 years old


AU - eleven (@hoshokusha)


It was fairly obvious the other wasn’t paying attention to a word he said. Then again, no words would deter him from his actions once he was in such a mood. He has always been like this and Kyouya was more or less used to this. Besides, the skylark wasn’t one to communicate with a lot of words, perhaps a few noises like primal animals, but that would be enough to get a point across. 

Kyouya really didn’t like releasing ‘erotic’ noises, forget the entire embarrassing part, it was almost as if he was caving into the other’s will. After all, whenever such noises slipped from his mouth, the other just gloated more and more and that didn’t sit quite well with the skylark. But sometimes, one’s will is not strong enough to overpower the sensitivity of one’s physical body. Kyouya could only imagine how he looked. Probably a synonym of: ridiculous. The skylark’s skin was already paler than most people (due to lack of sports and tendency to stay indoors to study) the contrast between areas left untouched and the areas marked would be fairly obvious, no doubt. 

One down. Nineteen more to go, Kyouya groaned internally, thinking of how many more times was he going to endure this. It wouldn’t be long before he started enjoying this though. Or that his pants would start feeling tight. But that could be left for later, feeling the cold air contact the moist spot just beneath his collar bone. 

Eyes would sometimes widen to glare at the other, only to flutter slightly and leave them half-lidded due to the amount of pleasure applied to his skin.  Especially how the other mouthed his nub, carefully yet playfully enough to make him groan. It seemed as if the second mark was done pretty quick. Probably because the skin around the nub was already darker as compared to the rest, whatever the reason, the baseball player had quickly moved to his ribcage, lips gliding against the skin as if counting how many ribs made up his chest. But the gentleness was soon replaced by aggression as the baseball player tried to remove any evidence of liquid other than his own saliva from the place.

Parting and refraining from anymore action, only to gloat at how he was in control of this situation, Kyouya couldn’t help but want to reject his own feelings. Of course that didn’t work. If two people spend a lot of time with each other, overtime they start to more or less grasp what the other was thinking. And this was such the case of both of them. He really did want to retort though. Maybe something defiant like ‘im not’ but that would just be bordering childishness in the end so he dropped it, only pressing his upper lips into his lower as he protruded it a bit to form something similar to a pout.

Things wouldn’t just end there. He was far from finishing his ‘fun’ (see what Kyouya had to deal with all these years?) and thus the skylark could feel the other inching in for the kill: his neck. It wouldn’t be Yamamoto Takeshi if he didn’t, at least one, try something on Kyouya’s neck. From all the experiences in the past, of course Takeshi’s boyfriend would know right? Gratefully the other hand dropped from his nub that was slightly aching from such friction only to drop down with his belt. Oh so teasing with his knee wasn’t enough? He had to arouse Kyouya even more did he? Fumbling with the buckle, toying with the skylark on purpose before he slowly started to raise the buckle and sliding it out enough to unzip him and let air circle his privates. The prefect gritted his teeth. If only he could do something to retaliate. 

Small nibbles to his neck, the scraping of the other’s teeth against his neck. It was then soothed over with the pressure of a tongue, moistening the area as well as making it even more sensitive. A small tremor, vibration… was the other that pleased as to be humming in such a situation? Kyouya should have known from the way the other’s lips seemed to be curved upward when pressing his lips to mark the target. Small sucks, but long enough to form a mark, and he didn’t let go even after quite a while of time. Probably because he wanted to push the limits of seeing how long this mark would last. Sometimes that certain area would be nipped, wringing out a moan from Kyouya’s lips. At least he soon gave him peace.

Or not. A challenge? To see what Kyouya would do? A chance… yet as the other left a trail of kisses down his body, the skylark couldn’t help but think bitterly what can I do? He was still underneath the other, still being pressed down against the floor. Even if he wanted to tease the other, his crotch area was out of reach, shirt too hidden to be unbuttoned. Seriously. What was wrong with Takeshi’s idea of a ‘fair play’? Well the easiest would be self-defensive he supposed and thus reached down to catch the other’s chin, ignoring the growl (the other had ignored him after all), and pulling him up to kiss him. Probably too passive for the other’s liking but oh well, suck it up.

And that’s exactly what they did. Takeshi’s hand entwined with one of his own as their lips met, moving in sync with each other, pressing together heatedly as if Kyouya couldn’t get enough of Takeshi. And he couldn’t. it had been a while for such passionate kisses, mostly the skylark’s fault for brushing the other off as soon as he swung an arm around the former prefect or tried to kiss him. The roughness as two lips slid against each other, the hot air trapped between two mouths and eventually the dance of tongues as they tried to gain power over each other. And when Kyouya was gracious enough to let the other into his mouth, he would lightly suck on the other’s wet appendage. More, more, more, pumping through his veins as well as mine, mine, mine until it combined into one thing, leaving the skylark breathless, flushed, and aroused in the end.

There were at times vibrations caught between the two. Kyouya couldn’t even differentiate if they were from him of his boyfriend. Probably a mingle of the two. But all good things had to come to an end and there were limitations to human beings. The other broke contact gratefully, after all the skylark didn’t believe he would last much longer either. His chest rise and feel at a fast pattern, feeling the urge to just rest when he was alerted by the sudden movements in his pants. At least the other wasn’t going to tease more, the skylark probably couldn’t handle any more in that state and shivered under the other’s touch as the hand trailed up his bare chest, only to thread through his hair. Kyouya relaxed at the touch, grey eyes flickering to the baseball player’s direction, watching him breathlessly.

Why was the other apologizing? There was no need to… Kyouya’s own fault in the first place with the strawberry. At least it was a ‘break’ and at least both of them didn’t detest it right?

Seeing the other smile he couldn’t help but feel relieved. He slid a bit to the side to let the other fit into the cramped space between the couch and the table, fingers still wrapped around the other’s hand. Kyouya leaned into the stroking of his hair, listening tiredly as the other explained. He missed the other too, more or less, nodding a bit… of course three marks were fine. Though it fell seventeen short of what he expected would have happened. The skylark watched silently as the other broke into a grin, only to lean in and press his lips against the cheek of the baseball player before nuzzling his nose against the soft skin, not caring about his bare chest or loose pants for that matter. It was takeshi’s break time, finally toned down to something more normal.

Seventeen minutes remained.  He supposed it was about time to leave his trademark.  The last mark long disappeared, probably a few months gone.  It was missing.  It shouldn’t have been absent for such a long period of time.  Just the thought made Takeshi slightly irritated.  Because of University, they haven’t been able to spend enough time alone together.  It was a lonely feeling but he wasn’t sure of the other felt the same.  Sometimes, it even depressed him, though he’d often hid it underneath a casual facade. 

He continued with those thoughts brushed aside.  It wasn’t going to help just thinking about it.  Rather, it’d be nice to act upon it.  Once he was satisfied with the reddish hickey in between the ribcage, he climbed toward the next target: the slope of the neck.  Teeth scraped against the sensitive snow-like skin of Kyouya several times before moistening it with a tongue roll.  Was this how it felt to be ‘bitten’?  How did it feel, Hibari Kyouya? 

Pleasantly charmed, he sucked the area for an elongated period.  Over and over again, he sucked it out in a rough manner.  Takeshi would get so much pleasure out of it, just sucking Kyouya’s neck.  He’d groan out the skylark’s name as it resonated upon the skin.  But, enough was enough.  It’ll only waste time if he continued any longer.  Perhaps, the other’s skin may not even take it.  A dark red lustful colored hickey resulted.  It looked good, the darkest out of three. 

He smirked, raising his head only to glance at the flushed face of the other.  How sweet.  It felt even better when he noticed a few moans escaping the throat of Kyouya’s.  It wasn’t too often that he’d make a vulnerable sound like that.  Rare, to be exact.  So, to elicit this type of response from the skylark pleased Takeshi to a whole new level.  His body would jolt out of pure excitement (or was it hormones). 

However, it was long from over.  There was a lot of time left, perhaps a little over fourteen minutes.  He thought it was nice to give Kyouya a chance, at least.  The other seemed to be pushed to a limit, yet, Takeshi hadn’t even gone all out.  Just a few hickeys, a few touches, a few gropes.  Maybe, the skylark had missed these types of sensations for a long period of time.  It added even more reasons to why they needed to spend more time with one another! 

He played a bit more around with Kyouya’s body, leaving random kisses, until his little offer was taken.  A grab on the chin, pulling Takeshi back up until their lips touched.  He couldn’t help it.  He just couldn’t hold back anymore.  It had been too long.  He had to be rough because he needed to show how much heyearnedfor this kind of intimacy.  Takeshi leaned in, pressing his lips passionately in.  His hand loosen, only to slip into the palms, entwining in between each finger.  Clenching it tight, his eyes sealed, completely captivated by the moment.  He couldn’t stop.  He wanted more,and more, and more.  “Nnn..!”  It was getting hot, he realized.  It was a minute in, yet none dared to part.  He couldn’t, not yet. 

Face flushed, he knew it had to come to an end sooner or later.  Their tongues fought a few times, flicking one another into each opening.  He’d suck occasionally, whenever the tongue came into his den. He’d moan sometimes, sending vibes down the other’s throat.  He’d gasp frequently due to lack of oxygen.  It was over.  Takeshi lost. He’d shiver, out of pleasure, as he stared into the Kyouya’s seducing eyes.  He continued to stare, breathlessly.

Only gasps filled the atmosphere.  The two men were out of breath.  The kiss lasted only a mere two minutes, but it was more than enough to bring out the best of the them.  Kyouya’s face was shimmering as there was evidence of sweat hanging around his temples, attracting hair.  It covered his beauty.  It had to be move.  It called to be moved.  His hand slipping out of the loosened pants, dancing up the nude chest until threading through the the raven’s locks.  Each finger precisely removed the strands of hair sticking to the surface of the skylark’s frame.  Periodically, he’d brush the back of his hand around Kyouya’s heating forehead and glistening cheeks.  It was soft. 

Aaah, how exciting was that.  But, he was tired.  The break was really necessary and it was good that time was on his side.  Twelve minutes remained.  He fell to his side as he continued with the conversation, getting no response in return.  No matter, it was the usual notion.  It was expected that Kyouya wouldn’t answer to his remarks.  But he had to apologize, for teasing a bit too much.  But he didn’t feel that bad since he was pretty confident that his boyfriend like the little play. 

Smiling, Takeshi continued to hold the other’s hand, combing his fingers through the threads of hair.  His eyes sealed as he pressed his nose against the warm cheek, nuzzling it from left to right.  Gradually, he’d stop, only to rest there silently.  Finally, a real ‘break’. 

His eyes popped open as he received a kiss on the cheek.  Mutual feelings?  “I miss you,” he repeated in a much calmer voice, relaxed.  “I miss you.”  Do you feel the same?  He wanted to ask, yet he felt as if he already knew the answer.  “Say..”  He’d bring up, staring back at the other, as an idea popped into his mind.  His hand slipped from the skylark’s hair, wiggling out a piece of candy from his pocket.  It was a sweet kind, popular among students, one he bought from the market at school to keep him awake in class.  “Come closer,” he asked.  Whether Kyouya followed through with the request or not, it didn’t matter because Takeshi would do it his stead.  “Let’s have some candy before work.”  Was Kyouya expecting it?  They haven’t experienced this type of kiss before, so why not try?  It was the last piece too.  Plus, there was a lot of time left.  Ten minutes to spare. 

Popping the reddish strawberry flower flavored candy into his mouth, he smiled before wrapping the hand back around Kyouya’s head, pulling him in.  “Share,” he’d mumble before lips touch once again.  Hastily, he’d force the piece of candy into the skylark’s mouth, tongue fondled, tasting its sweetness.  Takeshi parted, just far enough to speak.  “Good, huh?”  He laughed, brushing his lips against Kyouya’s, teasing him a bit, at least until he decided to ‘share’.  “The candy matches with your marks.”  He reminded, playing it to his advantage. 


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Have fun: kiss, date, comfort, truth, break, morning, marry, wine, night, hurt

Oh I’m having fun indeed. Crying over my otp feels and how horribly I write.


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searching for the disappearance || @shibuki


a pair of Steel Tonfas was revealed out of the Blue, the Moment Takeshi grabbed the Tsuba of his Blade and moved it. sharp Senses of a Carnivore were immediately prepared for a fight. Kyoya held each Tonfa tightly. next moment the Steel Weapons were brought into a offensive possition across his Chest. however. greyish Eyes widened upon watching the other Male. Takeshi used the little box, seemed like some sort of Toy. he actually used it in a strange way. a blue flame engulfed the blade of his Katana. — “Rain Flames?”

now that wouldn’t be any surprising for the Cloud Guardian from the Vongola Famiglia and Foundation Leader, however it was different for the manipulated Skylark. he didn’t understand. was he dreaming? seriously now.. such things as supernatural Powers should only exist in Movies and Fairy Tales. he’d never seen anything of that sort being used in the real World. so how come the other could use it? was he losing it? or was Takashi correct? what the hell was going on? so many Questions dwelled in the back of his Brain. nothing made any sense. still the Tonfas disappeared back in the inside of his Sleeves and for now remained there. he thought there was no need to use them. Takeshi didn’t make any sign to fight. moreover tried to tell him something important.

thoughts about this Vongola Mafia, made the headache worse. whenever Kyoya tried to remember he could only see flickering lights. that was until he captured a little Box in his Palms, looking similar to the one Takeshi had used, however this Box was Purple and Silver. Kyoya stared at it confused and perplexed. “what’s that?” he asked not understanding what he was supposed to do with it. he couldn’t do the same as Takeshi right? that was absurd. “I don’t know how you play this little Magic, but it would seem, you’re trying to distract me from my Business with this Circus? are you send to protect your Boss of the Drug Deal Source? if your Intention is to keep me away from him, then I have to disappoint you but the Herbivore is my Prey, I bite him to death!” Kyoya snorted. before attempting to throw the Box away, but somehow he couldn’t.  “…?” confused, he just gazed at the Box. remained silent for a few Minutes. Head lifted and Eyes gazed back at the other. showing a reaction of the Words said ” the real me?!” he asked. seemed still confused but somehow curious. well it was because he didn’t find any explaining to all of this and Intuition told him to keep the Box. —

maybe it was just a foolish Feeling but somehow it seemed familiar. actually, Kyoya pulled out his Cell-phone, flipped it open, and started to call someone, once a Voice was heard he told the Person at the other End of the Line, to stay away from the Building. he ended the talk quickly and slid the Phone back inside his Pocket. for some Reason the Skylark began to believe the Rain Guardian. even though he found it still ridiculous. if Takeshi had planned a Fight then he could have done so already. holding onto the little Box, Kyoya looked at Takeshi with Confusion.”I don’t know what you’re talking about or what’s going on, but I must admire.. sometimes I feel like I don’t belong here. I hate all the Crowding and pointless Meetings over greedy Intentions that are completely disgusting.. which is why I prefer to work alone.” he stated honestly. a briefly sigh followed before he continued “sometimes I feel like I’m missing a important Part in my Life…could this be this Vongola Mafia.? but what Connection would I have to a Italian Mafia?” he asked trying to find an Explanation. hoping for Takeshi to make him remember, because for now he felt like he lost some Important Memories. why else would he keep seeing this flickering lights?

Hands gripped tightly onto the handle of katana.  The room illuminated with a blue flame that engulfed his blade but the flame held no danger, hopefully Hibari understood.  It was just an example.  A show of proof to the skylark that there were such things as flames and intuition.  Though, it seemed like his effort didn’t seem to do much damage. 

It appeared that missing skylark seized the moment as an initiative of a fight, but it was the exact opposite.  Maybe the show of flames was a bit of a shock to the other.  Amber hued eyes locked onto the pair of steel tonfas that quickly made its entrance.  Yet, there was no attack which was a relief.  “Yep, flames.  Not believing it yet, huh?”  It seemed so surreal that maybe people of the real world would never take a second look at the idea. 

An eerie pause consumed the atmosphere.  Maybe the other was actually considering the truth behind the swordsman’s words.  It was hard to distinguish since Hibari still had that mysterious facade.  A faint sigh escaped the crevice of his lips as he allowed the flames to subside.  The katana made its way back home into the sheath, waiting for a reply yet no avail.  The weapon box that belonged to the Hibari back at home was not taken off his hands yet.  Was he still thinking about it?  Or was he throwing away the idea, not even giving it a chance?

"It’s yours," he stated, wondering if the skylark would even accept.  By the looks of it, it appeared that Hibari had sparked some interest into it at least.  One step at a time, huh?  Though, things were temporarily halted by some assumptions.  Again, he was spewing nonsense about some drug store dealership.  He had no affiliation with such things!  It’d just be wasting time if he continued to tell out a story and deny.  He sighed, attempting another effort.  "Hibari, I’m telling you that you hold the Cloud flame of the Vongola famiglia.  It’s not something you can easily accept within seconds but it’s the truth."  He pointed down toward the skylark’s fingers, where several rings rested.  "Those rings on your fingers ignite the flame of this weapon box.  You insert it into the box, then things happen," he addressed.  Was it understandable yet? 

He took a step back, gazing at the other talk to someone on the phone, it seemed.  Eh, he was a pretty busy guy.  Though, the phone call was short, which was surprising.  Hibari appeared to be his usual self again.  His little speech proved that Hibari was still Hibari.  He preferred solitude compared to crowded places, which was why he was secluded in a dark empty building, Yamamoto assumed.  Maybe something happened within the time frame of the past few months that both men were unaware of.  Certainly, the Cloud Guardian was indeed this Hibari!  His personality reigned even through a newly manipulated Hibari anyway. 

"Take this box weapon and test out what I told you.  Insert the your ring here and you’ll see."  He was confident that the skylark still had that enduring pride and that was all he needed for the flames to ignite.  "Maybe the missing part really is the Vongola.  Maybe… something happened that you may not even be aware of.  You’re not part of some Yakuza or anything like that.  You’re Hibari Kyoya, a Cloud Guardian of the Vongola.  Trust me, I’ve known you for more than decade."  It was really hard to explain his role in the mafia, hopefully once his flames ignite, that would be enough proof for his eyes to understand.

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“Heh, should I take it as a compliment then?” The blond mused jokingly, before letting out a small chuckle. Being called ‘normal’ wasn’t exactly something that happened often, after all. The fact he was one of the prodigies regarding basketball, had always made people around him think he was something out of the norm. And as much as it was amusing, it could be pretty much a pain in the ass as well some times.

Rolling the ball distractedly on his hands, Kise shrugged with a grin. “Good! Then I shall not worry about my safety~” Because being attacked by a swordsman for sure wasn’t something he was looking forward to experience. However, as he listened to the older male’s words, the student’s eyebrows arched up a little, head cocking to the side almost comically as he blinked. “Vongo— Clams?”

He frowned, despite the same friendly curve from before still remaining plastered across his face. “Haha, maybe in a sushi restaurant or something?” He joked lightly, waving a hand after. “No, sorry, but I’ve never heard about such a thing around here, man… Is it some organization or industry?”

As he watched the blonde attempt to repeat ‘Vongola’, it resulted into clams.  How could that happen?  Yamamoto blankly stared for a second before bursting out into laughter.  It was funny. 

Calming himself down, he allowed the out bursting laughter to trail off.  He realized that the situation was a bit more complicated to explain.  How was this mystery supposed to get solved if he had no clue how to begin?  Taking a deep breath, his hands slipped into the pockets of his slacks.  “I thought so, I wasn’t expecting you to know.”  It was a mafia group, how was Yamamoto supposed to say that out of the blue?  How would Kise take it? 

"Hmm.."  Lips pursed upon a train of thought, wondering what was the best way to word it.  Again, the swordsman wasn’t a genius with words per se.  Perhaps anything he said would be okay.  The blonde didn’t seem like a real threat to a mafia group, at least from his physical appearances.  Kise appeared a bit like his younger self actually.  He was just a guy who played a sport he really loved, judging from the basketball in his hands. 

"Well…" he began, rubbing the ridges of his nose.  "I guess it can be seen as an organization.  It’s actually a mafia family which I belong to though it seems I’ve been separated from then, again.  It happens on rare occasions."  He laughed, speculating whether Kise understood or not.



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He mused at how this was so different in comparison from other nights (well of course it was). Usually during the nights he would be in the exact same room, perhaps looking through a few reports that Tetsuya had organized that evening, updating him on the situations in the underworld. Sometimes with a cup of tea at hand or a light snack before he just fell to sleep. He was an insomniac. There were intervals where he could sleep and when he couldn’t so he just tired himself out until he passed out and that was how he restored his energy. The same reason why he would sometimes be seen lurking around the base, or lighting up a candle in his room to read the reports way past midnight. The same reason why as a teen he just napped when he could because those rare times of peace helped him to be able to fall asleep.

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It was strange for an injury to cause a scene like this.  Not that he minded or anything, just the coincidences that made things turn out this way was rather interesting.  Or maybe it was the matter of fate?  Hard to say since it was rare for people to believe in those sort of things.  Fate… was that really the case here?  For the two males to be trapped in a room… together, tenderly holding each other in a pleasurable way, was it really fate pulling the strings?  Slowly, he was beginning to think so. 

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Recruiting [TYE @ shibuki]


At least the other wasn’t writhing on the ground. He had improved actually. The prefect could still recall the first time they crossed arms. It was before the appearance of the pineapple, when the brunette and his loyal dogs wanted to take the reception room away for their own purposes. That time he had quickly defeated the other who was wielding the same baseball bat that would turn into a katana. Hn. It brought back a few memories.

He was kind of glad the other wasn’t unconscious like the other students would be. Then again that hard head had protected the baseball player, which made the prefect wonder if it was because of the hard head that resulted in the swordsman not being very bright academic wise. Anyways, if he had passed out then Hibari would have to tow him back home, nurse him, or call the ambulance since the nurse had returned home at this hour. Not having to do such an embarrassing thing he was quite pleased.

Seemed as the other was fine as he stood up, preparing for the next attack. The skylark outwitted the other once more, simply due to experience as he left a nasty bruise on the other’s torso. He didn’t care about the strands of hair that were cut off. He could probably crop his hair short or something, the bangs in the front were getting quite annoying. He sent the swordsman stumbling and he waited for the next round of attacks.

He saw it. The other rushing, aiming for his head. An before he could shift to a position that would have missed the sword, he was caught by it. Them he stopped as soon as the metal sharpness was resting against the cloud’s neck, allowing his heart rate to calm down.

“Not enough” he retorted “you have to be prepared to kill me.” After all, it was those times when fights were the best. Hibari just merely punched the teen in the stomach. At least the other would recoil. “You haven’t completed the task yet. Don’t get so cocky” he warned.

Such a shame that he wasn’t being as serious as he should be for this battle.  At first, he thought of it as only a game, like the ‘mafia game’ with the kid, fighting against enemies.  But the young male has come to realization: it wasn’t a game anymore.  Perhaps he should snap out of that phase. 

On the other hand, Hibari was serious.  Definitely.  Come on, when was he ever not?  The baseball player should learn a thing or two from him, honestly. 

He allowed his eyes to refocus on the opponent before charging in with his blade, pointing its end at the other.  However, due to his little playful side, he decided to not hurt the other this time around.  He knew of the consequences.  He knew he would get lectured if he didn’t prepare his best.  And so, he got what he deserved for toying around, yet again.  Another hit in the guy, moving Yamamoto back a few feet with blood seeping through his parted lips.  “Keh.”  He grunted heavily, spitting the excess blood to the side as a smirk rolled across his lips.  “Okay.  If Hibari says so,” he breathed, regaining his posture. 

A sharp gaze in his irises surfaced, the blood in the male began to heat up as he bounced around waiting for the perfect timing.  Since the skylark asked for seriousness, he will provide it.  Gripping tightly onto the handle, Yamamoto tried yet again.  He used his athletic speed to challenge the other.  The rush of air flowed through his short locks as he sped toward his opponent.  Within seconds, he’d be face-to-face with the skylark, allowing the handle of his sword to furrow into the other’s abdomen before he sliced the blade upwards, cutting off part of the upper uniform. 

A ripped uniform, that was nondisciplinary. 

However, that was not all the ball player had in him.  Before he allowed the skylark to react, Yamamoto twisted his body in a 180-degree turn, slicing his blade into thin air as a distraction.  Once that was done, he’d lean in, roughly shouldering the other in the chest with a glare. 

"Hibari’s clothes are ripped," he breathed with a smirk. 

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