Shigure Soen Ryu:

07 -- Shibuki Ame 繁吹き雨 (Splashing Rain) - Defensive. Yamamoto holds the sword backwards and spins to create a whirlwind like shield.

Yamamoto Takeshi
24 years old


The words are stuck in his throat. The ones that can more or less mean something, the ones that can answer the other's previous questions. But unable to speak a word he rests his forehead on the other's shoulder, only to flinch slightly when he feels rough lips against his forehead, only to relax into such embrace. "...leave my mind," it comes out more as a plead than anything else. Because it's as if the other had moved into his mind and decided to settle down there. Unable to be rid of.

Finally, Kyouya speaks.  It took him long enough.  However, they were words he never expected.  It is the reverse, actually.  Lips part from the other’s forehead, leaving just enough space to allow words to slip out.  “Am I bothering you that much?”  He responses in a weary tone before dropping his head back.  Nonetheless, his embrace around the other is secure as ever.  He knows that he isn’t going to let go anytime soon, despite the skylark’s plead.  “Sorry.”  It slips out unconsciously.  Well, there isn’t anything he could do about it now.  “Then, what do you want?” 

Collected droplets of rain builds up a cloud, this is where he belongs. He stares at the other as he slowly approaches, words filling the silent room like a tune, messy in beat and layered with sorrow. He says nothing. Like usual. The implications of telepathy aren't always the best, the other can't read his mind after all. Neither can he read the swordsman's. He merely drops forward, his head at least, escaping the hand on his jaw and leaning his forehead on the other's broad shoulder.

Takeshi really thought that his words would bring out an angered scowl or something at least.  It was the usual treatment he’d get anyway. But, he’s wrong.  Instead, he receives silent recognition.  It worries him, just slightly.  Things seem a bit off.  He swallows his words as he allows the other to fall on his shoulder, fingers left abandoned.  In the end, he supposed things were better left unsaid.  His arms quietly wrap itself around the skylark’s slender back; then he’d lean down further, tilting his head enough to brush his dry lips against the other’s forehead.  Mm.. Kyouya still had the same sweet scent.

He's merely lying there. Whereas one would have expected him to be at the table, perhaps working through necessary papers, but reality is always different and its not Kyouya's job to judge. It doesn't escape him the way the other's ears seemed to have picked up his presence and thus observes as the other props himself up. There is nothing up. He merely shrugs, wondering why he came in the first place. Wondering what was wrong with himself as he continues leaning on the frame of the door.

No response.  Well, that’s to be expected.  “Kyouya,” he repeats while raising to his feet, only to make route toward the silent skylark.  However, there’s nothing that filled the air more than silence itself.  Aah, sometimes he wishes he had the skill to mind read.  “What are you doing here?”  He asks, standing just inches away from the other.  Seriously, Takeshi felt like he’s only talking to himself.  “Won’t you talk to me?  What’s wrong?”  He leans in, narrowing his eyes, curious as to why the cloud had drifted in.  “Are you sick?  Stressed?  Or perhaps, you miss me?  Wanted to see me?  Which is it?”  He grins, brushing his fingers down the other’s predominant jawline.

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Its been a while. It certainly has. Even Kyouya cannot deny the power of time. And thus as he approaches, feet hitting the ground as soundlessly as manageable with all the grace he can muster, to the other's door. One rap knock before he turns the knob and enters. No word as he closes the door behind him and merely watches and waits... for the other's gaze to fall upon him.

Laying upon the comfort of his bed, his arms cross over his chest as he merely relaxes his eyes for the time being.  Eyelids sealed, thoughts fumbled and scattered once silence took its turn.  It’s nostalgic to know how silent it was.  It reminds him of a particular moment, a particular someone.

His ears twitch as he hears his door close shut, footsteps following.  Eyes unseal only to gaze upon that particular someone he had just been dreaming of.  “Oi…”  He mumbles faintly, unfolding his arms to support his raise from the bed.  “Kyouya?  What’s up?”  What a surprise. 

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masquerade banquet


Kyouya would have never fallen for a coward, a weakling, anything he placed under the definition of a ‘herbivore’. If he was born with blonde hair, blue eyes, and an entirely different century, he would have probably been a nazi. But that aside ever since that fateful night and ever since long ago he probably separated Takeshi from the rest, causing him to accept the other, more or less. It takes time after all… For Kyouya to do such a thing.

If compared to a sort of plant or anything, Takeshi would either be a weed or a sweet potato. Kyouya would prefer the latter of course. They grew quietly, sometimes not even seen, yet the product was something even the skylark wouldn’t despise. Roasted sweet potatoes were delicious, potato leaves we’re healthy, but the most important parts were obscured by dirt. Not unlike the other, somewhere along the way he became deeply rooted in the skylark’s heart and became someone he favored being around.

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Infatuation, love, lust.  Was that it or was it something much more?  Seriously, he didn’t have the ability to differentiate them anymore (not like he had the ability to do it in the first place anyway).  To an idiot like Yamamoto Takeshi, it all felt the same, or at least it felt like a combination of everything.  Well, it wasn’t important anyway.  He figured it wasn’t that hard, after all.  It was strange how it all played out, but honestly, he didn’t mind.  As a result, he realized that when it came to Hibari Kyouya, he had no control over anything.  It was as if Yamamoto Takeshi was brought into existence only to fall for Hibari Kyouya.  Just maybe…

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There were essentially two types of people in this world. Ones that were herbivores and ones who werent. His lover was of course classified in the latter category. But that only happened gradually, after he more or less grown interested in the other from who knows when. To loose that interest in the other would only result when Rokudou took over Takeshi’s body, or something of that sort.  Taboo topics aside, it didn’t refrain him from calling the swordsman a ‘herbivore’ from time to time. It was similar to a catch phrase and even when he was more like a wolf in sheep skin… He still wasnt able to shake off that sheep skin was he? Nurturing had just as much effect as nature. Psychologically speaking that is.

Either way it kept them in balance, more or less. Casual. The other never demanded or anticipated too much from Kyouya. Of course there were sometimes odd demands here and there but mostly, the other understood what he would and would not due. Because that was the way the rain was. Why the skylark could be so comfortable around him and pretty much only him. Of course, he would say the same about the other. Kyouya wasn’t one to understand someone but the most he could do was accept him for who he was no? Well that didn’t matter much. Takeshi was his. His victim in the end. The only one who could end the rain was the cloud. Laws of nature had dictated it a long time ago.

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Takeshi was probably well aware of his status in the relationship.  No, he had always been attentive since the beginning, ever since he walked into the Cloud’s den.  It was because he made the first move on the skylark that he had accepted it long ago.  He knew what kind of dangers that would lie ahead if he did anything, yet, he was just that kind of guy!  A life without dangerous risks wasn’t really a good life.  Perhaps that was the motivation to why he decided to fall for Hibari Kyouya. 

…Or not.  Kyouya always had a mysterious vibe.  He was kind of similar to a rose, attractive and deadly; they characteristics that made the skylark stand out above all else.  Heck, anything dealing with Kyouya was always attractive.  It was just the way Takeshi’s mind worked.  Crazy, wasn’t it?  Or perhaps it was because the skylark was the Cloud.  Only with the presence of a cloud will be there be rain to exist.  Either that, or Yamamoto Takeshi had taken far too many chances.  He had fallen into the depths of the den, far too deep.  But he liked the excitement of the dangers that will unfold.  Therefore, he wasn’t complaining.  He never planned to escape the grasp of Hibari Kyouya anyway.  He was too addicted, too addicted for his own good. 

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Takeshi wasn’t as much as a fool people gave him credit of. Sure he was a bit carefree and took things along as it came in an overly positive way, but he still had his serious moments and a strong determination that Kyouya treating him more and more unlike a herbivore. He wouldn’t comply to orders unless it was in line with his interest, similar to the skylark yet different. Sawada’s orders only because he wished to protect him in the end. Simple, yet it showed his resolution and stubborn ways.

Kyouya was the same. Following Sawada’s orders, becoming part of the Vongola, all were according to his interests. Perhaps because they were so similar that they understood each other. Even in times like these, it just satiated their will to become stronger or to just not succumb to one another. Yet even when one did, they it more or less worked out. Quite compatible, if one may say.

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Yes, that was it.  It finally clicked.  Yamamoto Takeshi expressed a variety of careless performances only to keep things interesting.  In particular, he wanted to keep Hibari Kyouya interested.  If he were to lose the skylark’s eyes for a mere second, he’d be nothing except categorized like the rest:  just another weak herbivore.  However, despite that word slipping out of the other’s lips on rare occasions, the swordsman only distinguished it as a tease, more or less.  Seriously, sometimes Takeshi wondered how large Kyouya’s vocabulary was (though he has no right to speak). 

It stabilized their relationship though.  Even with that idiotic facade he’d often show, Takeshi was pretty serious about Kyouya.  He consistently did his best to maintain the balance of things, whether it was being stubborn, nosy, loving, whatever.  He liked the skylark too much for his own good.  And ever since who knows when, he realized he wanted to be the victim of Kyouya; vise vera.  He wanted to be the only one to be ‘bitten to death’ by none other than Hibari Kyouya.  Honestly, he liked living a dangerous life.  Just playing with his lover was comparable to a death wish.  No, it was a death wish.

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Kyouya then decided that only a fool would actually move against his well knotted tie. Good thing he didn’t use a rope, or worse a rope with glass shards. Don’t judge. It’s a useful skill to have in times of trouble. Even though it was just a silk tie, tied correctly it could still be rough against the skin and eventually harm it, if fought against.

He wondered why the other was so stubborn about somethings. Then again so was he. Was it due to the fact that both were tauruses? Could be. But more likely because he didn’t like being out of control. Kyouya had countless experiences to prove that point.

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Well, Kyouya should already know how much of a ‘fool’ the other male was.  Sure, there were limits to his idiotic nonsense; however, this was a battle of his own.  Not only the fight for dominance but the will of keeping the skylark interested.  Did he really expect Yamamoto Takeshi to be someone who’d succumb to orders so easily?  Someone who’d admit defeat?  No, he wasn’t that kind of guy. 

Kyouya was probably aware of it as well because it was a mutual characteristic the two shared.  Neither one ever dared to face such embarrassment, after all the two were men, always fighting for superiority.  Despite the two being stubborn on so many levels, they were somehow able to balance it with their relationship.  Compatible, weren’t they?

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masquerade banquet


Hn. He probably worsened the impression the other had of ties. After all… he himself had a grudge towards obis and now would wear them as low and loose as he could. Perhaps the same thing would happen to the swordsman after this ‘lesson’ with the tie. Great way to go about teaching him formalities, Kyouya. He had to pat himself on the back didn’t he? Oh well he could try some other day.

Oh well, he was sure the other would overcome such trouble. It wasn’t like the entire hand was bound and wrapped so nothing could be moved. Then again he should have done that. Probably would have hurt less with a bandage gauze than a tie. Then again how deep could a silk tie cut?

The other seemed to be so calm tonight. Finally patient enough to wait and see things through? No longer able to think due to what kyouya was doing? Or was he just planning something in the end? These all seemed possible didn’t it?

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No, the tie wouldn’t go so deep to leave a scar.  Nothing of that sort.  It was pretty harmless if he hadn’t done anything rash.  However,due to Takeshi’s carelessness, it caused his wrists to obtain this burning sensations and even some possibilities of blood stains (not a lot of course but enough to hurt).  The amount of strength he used to force his arms apart was the idiotic act behind the reddening skin. 

The burn marks started to sting, eventually immobilizing the swordsman from even moving the hands beyond his wrist.  However, he didn’t regret hurting himself or anything.  He just wanted to break apart to do certain things to his lover.  Maybe threaten the skylark or something.  In the end, it was no use.  Kyouya had a good techniques to fasten ties.  And well, Takeshi fell into the trap.

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There were times when he would agonize the other on purpose. Truth to be told, Takeshi was verypossessive. Once a mark started to fade he would sometimes whine or at least try to leave another one but Kyouya would refuse just in spite of it. Sometimes it was nice to leave his skin free of markings (then he wouldn’t have to wear a scarf everyday). He sometimes did miss the other, although mostly occupied schoolwork, but sometimes wished the other didn’t leave something on his neck or in some visible space way too often. Then again when his classmates did spy the evidence Kyouya didn’t even care about what they said. Hopefully he didn’t disregard the other too much in favor of school work. 

And so he supposed this could be the long awaited reward for the other. Lips left the spot on his ribcage, moving towards the slope of the skylark’s neck. Teeth scraping against his skin, surely leaving a trail of red before being flicked by a wet appendage, moistening it. He would have growled at being bitten, not quite enjoying the feeling. This was something only he could do. Then again the moans that elicited from his mouth betrayed what he truly felt about being bitten. It was on the verge of excitement, not that bad. Of course, it was only limited to Takeshi.

Kyouya was sure as the other sucked his neck, his mouth was formed into a gaping o as lids stayed half-lidded. Rough treatment of his neck, who knew that he would just get aroused from such a simple gesture? Another moan eliciting from his mouth as he felt the other speak against his skin, causing vibrations against his skin. At least the other released him sooner or later. After all he doubted it would just get darker by each minute but rather start bleeding sooner or later.

He breathed heavily, wishing to scratch the smirk off the other’s face, didn’t like being looked down upon. And he was sure he was a wreck, why the other seemed to be so pleased. Kyouya didn’t like the fact that he seemed to allow more moans tonight than he ever had. Then again it could be because it had been a while since they did such a thing.

There was something that kept bothering Kyouya, the fact that Takeshi was quite tame today. Sure there were a few hickeys and a few kisses but the fact that things haven’t escalated to something more, he couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for him. Only to have him offer to have Kyouya in charge, a chance to switch things around.

But the other didn’t give him much options as he started to kiss the skylark’s body. Then again he wasn’t just going to let such a chance slip away and thus his hand went to grab the other’s chin, pulling him back up till their lips met. It wasn’t long before the other responded and Kyouya invited such response. Lips moving passionately against the other, yearning for more contact and added intimacy. Hands only to grip to onto his tightly, eyes wide open to watch as the other closed his eyes, amused at how the other closed his eyes. Kyouya didn’t wish to waste a minute of it, grey eyes taking in every detail of Takeshi. 

It wasn’t long before his face started to be covered with a sheen of red. He slipped his tongue into the other’s mouth, going as his instincts told him to. The gentle sucking of his tongue, the occasional moans that sent vibrations into his mouth, the return of actions, like a ball tossing to each other for fairness. It wasn’t long before it was over, Takeshi parting just seconds before Kyouya considered to do the same. The other’s eyes staring at him just like how all of the skylark’s attention was focused on the baseball player. 

Only the sounds of their panting filled the air. Blinking a bit, almost tiredly, only to be surprised when a warm hand slipped out of his open pants to trail up his chest and remove the hair on his forehead. It felt nice to have his forehead free of clinging hair, a soft brush against his forehead, so comforting.

Twelve minutes left. At least both were exhausted so there would probably not be more… the only kept apologizing. There really was no need to, Kyouya enjoyed the interaction as well. Except he couldn’t say it out loud, somewhat enjoying how he was apologizing for doing such a thing.

The other smiled. At least he was happy about this break so far wasn’t he? Hand still clenching tightly to the other, comforted by how the other’s hand stroked his hair, he leaned in, enjoying the touch. Only to be surprised by the friction of skin against skin on his cheek, gentle nuzzling provided by the other.

Answering the other’s words he turned his head to press a kiss against the other’s cheek. “Hn. But I was always here,” he remarked after all they lived together in the same apartment. There wasn’t a need to ‘miss him’ although if Kyouya was honest with himself, he did miss the other… their countless moments spent together doing nothing. It would be nice once summer vacation came along. 

A bit curious about what the other was up to as he felt the hand slip out of his hair and probably to somewhere else. A candy in a wrapper was brought out from his pocket and Kyouya stared at it. Pink, clear wrapper, why candy before break though? But as the other said, he leaned closer towards the other, being obedient for once. 

The other popped the candy into his mouth and the arm once again looped around his head, bringing him closer before the other told them to share. Share? He only understood what it meant a few seconds later when the candy was dropped into his mouth. Slight sucking of the candy, a burst of artificial strawberry into his mouth, tongue rolling around his along with the round candy… hearing the other’s words he couldn’t help but groan “Shut up” against the other’s lip. One hand threading through takeshi’s locks to grip tightly, forcing their distances to close even more if they could, he pushed the candy back into the other’s mouth. Playing with the candy, he rolled it around the other’s mouth, enjoying the strawberry flavor that bursted within. He gave a few sucks, enjoying the flavor the sweet provided. 

It felt so nice to kiss those lips again, those rosy thin lips that barely spoke.  It was a good thing that Kyouya knew how to use them to kiss.  Probably all due to past experience.  Just maybe…

He gripped tightly onto the skylark’s hand, eyes half lidded as he sensed the amount of pleasure running through his blood.  Kyouya gripped back, they held hands, kissing roughly on the cold floor.  It felt like an eternity—the kiss.  Honestly speaking, he wanted it to last awhile.  And he carried it out, deepening the kiss, pressing forward as he sucked on the tongue that occasionally slipped through.  It was slimy, moist, and good. 

They battled it out, fighting with their tongues, playing irregularly.  Yes; this was what Yamamoto Takeshi missed most.  These kinds of make out sessions with his boyfriend.  It was hot, wet, steamy.  To get even more out of it, he played rough, rubbing his lustrous lips deeply against Kyouya’s.  He swallowed their burning exchange of breaths until he couldn’t hold it no more.  His eyes fluttered, sending out a echo of sound, a vibration, allowing it to cut into the other’s lips. 

A coat of red painted along the rim of Takeshi’s cheeks.  It was heating up.  The kiss had gone longer than excepted.  Either way, he was happy with what he received.  Gradually, he escaped.  He was disappointed that he parted first, but it couldn’t be helped; he could no longer continue due to lack of air. 

Takeshi huffed, filling the atmosphere with inconsistent gasps.  Kyouya followed, breathing just as heavily as the one above.  He smiled, staring down into those captivating eyes, only to brush away those hairs that caught onto his boyfriend’s damp temple.  There, he’d say under his breath, combing his fingers through the skylark’s trimmed locks.  From a glance, it probably felt good. 

He was exhausted at this point.  His boyfriend probably felt the same, with all that teasing from earlier.  Mutual feelings, he supposed.  Twelve minutes.  It was probably best to have an actual break for once, or else he’d be up on his ass all night long finishing the work piled on top of the table.  It wasn’t a pleasant sight at all.

Dropping to his side, he silently laid on the comfort of Kyouya’s shoulder.  Their hands were still entwined, it was warm.  Gently, his eyes perked up only to fondly gaze at the other.  Takeshi calmly watched the skylark with a pleasant grin, brushing his fingers through the threads of hair.  Over and over again, he comb it, allowing it to delicately fall to the side.  It looked nice as he reached in for a nuzzle, tickling the other’s cheeks with the tip of his nose, motioning it back and forth.  Mmm.. it was pleasant. 

To his surprise, Kyouya closed the distance, only to kiss Takeshi’s cheek in return.  How sweet, he wanted to say.  Instead, he kept it to himself, enjoying the relaxing silent atmosphere.  

"I know," he remarked confidently.  "Even though you’re here, I still miss you."   As long as the other realized it, that was fine.  It seemed like he did; Kyouya was able to understand Takeshi ever since they’ve (pre) dated, so simple words like that should be easily comprehended.  They were boyfriends.  Therefore, they understood, respected, and liked each other to the point they probably knew a bit too much.

Break time meant snack time right?  Well, it wasn’t exactly a snack, more like a sweetener.  Either way, it was something to chew on.  His hand slipped from the skylark’s locks, wiggling out a piece of candy.  It was a pity he only had one left, but it played in his favor as he had something in mind.  A candy kiss.  He never had one of this before, so why not try it?  Asking Kyouya to come closer, he obeyed.  Wow, and Takeshi thought he’d have to close the distance.  Well, it made things a lot easier. 

Pushing the piece of treat into his lips, Takeshi extended his arm, only to wrap itself around the ravenette’s head, pulling him in.  He sucked on the piece of sweet for a few seconds, rolling it around his tongue before handing it to Kyouya.  He leaned in, allowing their lips to touch before darting his tongue through the other’s, creating an opening for the candy ball to slip through.  Gently, he rubbed his lips against the other, tasting the remaining sweetness before breaking away just barely speaking.  “You know it’s true,” he teased again, eyes narrowing down as he watched Kyouya take the piece of candy into his lips. 

He licked the perimeters of his lips only to savor the remaining taste, only to be grabbed with Kyouya’s hands, closing the distance once again.  The piece of sweet candy was handed back.  A candy kiss was definitely refreshing, he thought.  Humming with delight, he allowed the ball to roll against his tongue with the support of the other’s.  Takeshi huffed, embracing the warmth captured in between their lips.  How nice, he could even smell the sugar.  “Nnn...”  he purred as he felt the other suck.  Soon, he’d move the piece back into Kyouya’s mouth, kissing those lips again.  His hand climbed up, combing through the skylark’s locks, pushing him in for further kisses.  Sweet kisses.  This was definitely a break worth taking.

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