Shigure Soen Ryu:

07 -- Shibuki Ame 繁吹き雨 (Splashing Rain) - Defensive. Yamamoto holds the sword backwards and spins to create a whirlwind like shield.

Yamamoto Takeshi
24 years old


new mission // @shibuki


So behind that carefree and oblivious exterior was instead a sharp man, hn? 

The smile plastered on the raven’s face widened a little when he heard his companion speak out. At least Yamamoto had been quick enough to understand his intentions when he asked for a tour. Well, better to know the place before trying anything more drastic; who knows what the Moretti could be hiding inside such an enormous and luxurious state, after all. 

Finishing up his glass of wine before glancing down at the served dessert, Kyoya’s attention was soon back on their host after hearing his words, and nodded then. “A new addition to the family? We feel honored.” The words got a laugh from both the head of the Moretti organization and the others several guests, but the skylark remained his composure, seeing as how it seemed there was no sarcasm in their act. 

“But of course! As your husband here said,” the old man began, leaning against the table and pointing towards the Rain with the fork on his hand, “this is a hard world we live in. We better unite if we want recognition, right?”

“I suppose you are right. And your influence will help us to strenghten our forces.” The Guardian commented afterwards, getting himself a small piece of the slice of cake in front of him. Though, if it hadn’t been noticed already, he was making sure to taste all the served food with care to make sure it was safe. Moretti inviting them to stay right in the start was highly suspicious — but well, naive people were everywhere (including his own self-proclaimed superior).

“Right, right!” the boss once again agreed, “After you both finish your lunch, my servants will get you to your room and then we can begin your tour! After all, there’s no harm in showing you what you can also have if working with us.”

What an idiot, was Kyoya’s first thought as he nodded with another smile. The man was really giving himself out in a silver plate for them, wasn’t him?

When they were invited to this type of ‘family’, it only made the swordsman cringed with utter disgust.  The way it slipped off his tongue, it was repulsive.  Takeshi couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic or serious.  In this case, it appeared to be a mixture of both.  It didn’t faze him, though.  The Rain Guardian kept up with his composure, acted, and laughed along with the crowd.  He wasn’t going to back down without an appropriate fight.  

His plate was cleaned, not even a speck of food remained.  He needed all the energy he could get.  Even though it was suspicious to eat so freely, he took caution before engulfing such foreign cuisines.  One may never expect it to be poisoned because none may ever know how food was processed here in the black market.  Nonetheless, the swordsman finished his meal with a smile.  The pasta had the same Italian scent, so there was probably nothing to worry about, at least for now, anyway.  

Placing the utensils to the side, he gave another sip of the wine before pushing the glass away.  He didn’t finish it.  It was too sour and bitter to suit his taste.  Instead, he sat back and engaged in the conversations that continued to escalate around the affiliates and members.  Everyone seemed overly ecstatic, minus Yamamoto Takeshi and Hibari Kyoya.  However, their act thus far seemed to work.  There were no doubtful glares as of yet. 

The skylark carried the conversation for the remainder five minutes.  Dessert was served.  Takeshi passed for this round, deciding to sit back and relax, analyzing the faces of the guests and hosts.  They seemed a bit drunk, so to say.  Maybe it was all due to the wine.  Did they have a bit too much?  Laughter kept roaring, over and over again, just at the littlest things too.  Oh well, maybe black market gatherings were always like this.  The swordsman didn’t mind, as he laughed along, slapping the table every now and then. 

"If you’re finished, we have two servants that will guide you to your rooms," Moretti said with an almost deceitful tone. "If you have any questions, they’ll be there to answer for you.  They know how things work around here so feel free to ask if you have any troubles." 

"Thanks," he expressed his gratitude with a smile and a slight nod of the head.  "We will be on our way.  I suppose we will catch you later at during the tour?"  He raised a brow, wondering where the Moretti famiglia will be once they leave the tables. 

"Yes, we will greet you again after you are settled.  Our servants will lead you to a highly decorative room after you’ve visited your suite.  My guests and I will be waiting there for the two of you to discuss about our agreement," Moretti answered with an informative tone, gleaming a rather disturbing grin. 

"Let’s go," he turned toward Hibari, nodding.  It was time to get things done and over with.  It was exhausting how much work had to be put into this disguise.  His brain was barely keeping up.  He raised from his seat, pulling out his companion’s out of mere politeness.  Turning toward the servants, he smiled. 

"This way.  Please follow our lead.  If you have any questions concerning your stay, don’t hesitate to ask." 



“…Milk?” The smile that before was plastered on Luca’s face disappeared for a moment when he heard the brunette, before he let out a short laugh, ignoring the confused stare he received from the waiter. “That’s such an unusual thing to ask for, signore! Though, I am not sure if milk would go well with our food— But ah, in any case, we can ask for some wine afterwards if you would like?” He offered politely.

Turning back to the man standing beside their table, he ordered what the Japanese male wanted despite his own previous words. Well, he had never drank milk before with anything but snacks, but he could not judge. After all, the Alchemist himself was pretty well known for his… Strange recipes that included a mix of even more strange ingredients. The waiter nodded with a smile and then walked away, allowing the raven to relax with a sigh as he rested his arms on top of the table.

“Where exactly in Japan do you live, signore Takeshi?” He ended up asking, eyes glittering with obvious curiosity as he placed his chin on top of an open palm. If there was a place the elder had always wanted to visit, it would be Japan! He had heard so much things about the country before, thanks to Mama (and even his father, back when he was a child), that he could not help but wonder if it was that beautiful.

By the looks on the other male’s face, it appeared that milk with their types of orders would not flow well.  But, he had to ask despite the doubts!  Usually, Takeshi would order milk with spicy packages.  It helped relieve that kind of taste.  Well, it didn’t matter.  He could drink anything.  “It’s no problem, Luca.  Is it strange of me to ask for milk?”  He rubbed his neck, laughing aloud.  “Okay, sure thing!  I don’t mind.  I’m sure anything you order it will be great.” 

Ah, whatever Luca ordered, he didn’t mind.  He felt, though, as if he did order the milk.  He could understand bits, but the accent was too strong for the man to fully understand everything.  Well, it’ll be a surprise once it arrived!  He nodded at the waiter as he left, thanking him in the limited Italian he understood.  Although, he wondered if he said it correctly. 

Turning back, he clasped his hands together, and focused his attention back on Luca who sat just across from him.  A question quickly formulated, carrying on a new conversation.  “Well, I reside in Namimori, though I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of it,” he replied with a grin.  “There’s lots of little cities near by, though.  I’m pretty sure if you ever visit, I’ll take you around.  And since you like festivals, Japan holds them too.  I’m sure you’ll like it.”  He rested his head on the palm of his hand, reminiscing on the past festivals he’d attend.  It was a while since he last went to one.  “And you, Luca?  How long have you stayed in Regalo?  Ever travelled?”  He asked out of curiosity.


It was a tall, handsome man that stood in front of her, but by all accounts he seemed like most general Japanese men.  Though she was anxious and a little unsure, she gave him a stern if not dead expression to hide her feelings and cowardice. “Good afternoon.”

Round and round he went, circling a certain setting, a lost setting.  He wasn’t sure where he stumbled but it appeared to be a place it was unfamiliar with.  Tired and exhausted, he took shade underneath a nearby roof.  The building seemed vacant.  The whole place seemed pretty deserted. Despite suspicions, he waited there, taking a few minutes for break. 

Takeshi turned upon hearing audible footsteps.  A citizen, perhaps?  His eyes brightened as they stumbled upon a stranger, a girl.  She greeted him.  Of course he’d do the same.  “Afternoon,” he said with optimism.  “What are you doing around here?”  He asked out of curiosity, wondering if the conversation will move anywhere.  Would she ignore?  Ah, he had forgotten.  “Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.  I’m Yamamoto Takeshi, you can call me Yamamoto.  What can I call you?”  He asked, almost as if they were already friends, with a smile. 

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Perhaps he shouldn’t have said ‘interpret how you like’? After all the other was so optimistic all the time, f or his ego to inflate even further would be a troublesome thing. Then again even if the other was interpreting how he liked it would still not be that off from what he really meant right? But still that thought didn’t sit quite well with him. 

He slipped out of the room, glad the other was following him, afraid that he lost too much energy during the few days Kyouya wasn’t by his side. Did he eat at all? What about sleeping? At least he could get some food in the other’s system. It had been a few days, what if Kyouya really did end Sawada’s life. What if Vongola’s assassins were after him? (Though he doubted the monkey boss would really come all the way to avenge Vongola Decimo. He probably rose to the eleventh Don of the Vongola if that happened).

If someone ever came, then what was there to loose? Just another name on the list of the dead Kyouya had sent to the afterlife. As long as he could protect the important things he had: the one beside him, the bird perching outside on the branch, and the box in his pocket. Tetsuya would probably due his best to stop whoever was coming after them, or at least try to send a warning. That was just who Tetsuya was, always believing in Kyouya regardless of what happened. 

Kyouya watched from the corner of the his eye as the other lathered the soap up to his elbow, musing at if the other was preparing to do a surgery. Why not have some gloves to go along with them? Perhaps Kyouya had gone too far in asking if the other didn’t have opinions. Probably just the other didn’t have any preferences about onigiris. Or that food wasn’t that important to him. 

Feeling apologetic he gave the other a small kiss, since the word ‘sorry’ just wouldn’t come out. Then he placed an umeboshi into the other’s hand, wondering if he should really force the ingredient if the other wanted something else. He quietly wondered if he would ever be able to work as fast as the one beside him, the precise working of the rice ball till it formed into a ball then a triangle. Whereas he on the other hand struggled with forming the most simplest rice ball.

He wouldn’t give up until it looked something similar to a triangular shaped thing. That was the traditional way of doing it, as well as the seaweed. HE wouldn’t give up or be looked down by someone else. 

Rice started to fall from his hands, he got more frustrated by the second.  But the other came to help. He didn’t know whether to be grateful or angry by the other’s aid.

But he did help a lot, adding a bit more rice, placing his hands around Kyouya’s to teach him how to hold the rice ball and then start shaping it in a way it would stick together. Less than a minute it started to become the shape of triangle. All that was left was a filling and seaweed to wrap around them.

He started to busy himself with those things as the other hugged him, relaxing around the skylark. Putting the umeboshi within and wrapping it around with a seaweed. Of course he had to let the other hungrier one take the first bite right? As a symbol of gratitude for teaching him. He placed it to the other’s lips and he ate it. Good thing it didn’t turn out horrid (but how bad can the same materials become?). “Don’t talk with your mouth full,” he growled before taking a bite of the onigiri. It was pretty good and thus he smiled into the rice ball. He shrugged once, trying to throw the other off. “Go make your salmon one. I’ll prepare some tea” he said, thinking of the tea bags he bought. He didn’t have time to buy tea leaves yet.

A couple days had already passed since he left the Vongola.  It was a difficult thing to do but, somehow even during the most difficult times, Yamamoto Takeshi was still able to make a decision.  It wasn’t so difficult to choose, either.  He supposed he already knew, like a gut feeling.  Nonetheless, he still felt guilty about betraying the rest.  Perhaps, karma would follow his footsteps. 

He sighed heavily, wondering why sudden thoughts of them were flashing right before his eyes.  Was it a bad  premeditation?  He felt chills on his back as if someone was giving him a death glare.  He had a feeling who it was, but he brushed it aside anyway.  Nothing’s going to happen, he repeated to himself. 

Into the kitchen, the two began to work on their breakfast, with the ingredients that Kyouya bought secretly from earlier.  It appeared he was able to grab the most important ones, too.  It felt nice to arrive into the kitchen with such a nice aroma floating around in the atmosphere.  Plus, the skylark was there, waiting.  It was the first time they’d ever done something together under the new complex (aside from the cuddling from earlier).  Takeshi was excited. 

Pulling up his sleeves, he dipped his hands into the pre-made salted water, only to refrain the rice from sticking.  It’d be troublesome.  Then, he began.  The rice was still warm, which was good.  It meant it was fresh!  Grabbing a handful, he began to roll it in his palms, just enough for it be stable.  After, he formed it into its onigiri shape: triangular.  With the help of his index finger and thumbs, he was able to finalize the ultimate steps of making the onigiri, only to push in an umeboshi (given by Kyouya from earlier) and wrap a seaweed around in the end. 

Takeshi couldn’t help but laugh at the innocent skylark, who did his best to form an onigiri.  The swordsman remembered when he was like that.  It was a good thing his old man taught him better techniques to keep it all together before he left.  It was a good memory, now he could use those skills and show the one he cherished most. 

Placing down the finished onigiri on a clean white plate, he wiped off his hands with a damp cloth to remove any sticky rice remaining.  Once that was finished, Takeshi walked to the side, only to tower behind Kyouya, hands wrapping itself around the comfort of the other’s as if they were holding hands again.  He leaned in, casually teaching the correct way to form an onigiri.  Kyouya was doing it all wrong from the start.  It was a nice attempt, though.  Good effort, he’d whisper into the skylark’s ears once in a while. 

It appeared the technique worked, though.  Kyouya was able to get it down within a minute of demonstration, finishing his onigiri with a filling and a wrap of seaweed paper.  He allowed the other to do whatever he wanted as his hands slipped off, only to wrap itself around the waist of the skylark, holding him, cherishing him, loving him.  Takeshi’s head gently rested on the other’s shoulder blade, cautiously gazing at the complexion of the other.  It was very concentrated until the end.  He couldn’t help but smile. 

It wasn’t long before the completed onigiri, made by Hibari Kyouya, appeared right before his eyes.  Tch, why don’t you eat it first, he wanted to say.  However, the thought soon vanished as he took a bite, chomping off bits of the onigiri.  The rice was made well, very sticky and delicious.  He mumbled it as he chewed, although it appeared Kyouya did not like him talking when he ate.  “Mmm..”  Okay, he said to himself, allowing the chewed food to fall down into his throat and down into the stomach.  The feeling of eating again was nice, especially together.

Like rice, Takeshi wanted to stick to Kyouya.  He honestly didn’t want to leave.  He feared that he won’t be able to hold the other anymore.  It was probably paranoia, though.  But, there was enough trust.  “Alright,” he responded, unlocking his hands to release the skylark from his grasp.  “Do it next to me,” he asked.  “The tea, somewhere I can see you.”  He was probably overreacting, but it just slipped out.  The swordsman would only grin, then preparing for the salmon onigiri roll.  He repeated the previous procedures over and over, only to add bits of raw salmon pieces as the filling.  He made several (both salmon, meat and umeboshi), leaving them on the plate for their breakfast later.  His eyes raised, only to catch sight of a faint sun beam, shimmering through the windows.  It was officially morning. 

masquerade banquet


The other was always so frustratingly optimistic. There was hardly anything that could get this man down (well not that Kyouya liked to think of what exactly did bring him down since they were usually tragic or over exaggerated). But that cheery optimism just irritated the skylark more seeing as how the cloud was the one on the bottom.

Eyebrows furrowed as his frown deepened at the eye roll. The other seemed to be able to grasp his thoughts and actions more and more, even speech. He spent too much time with Takeshi. That was Kyouya’s only conclusion and regret. Being an open book was definitely not pleasant. 

The other leaned in, pressing his lips against the skylark’s neck. Even bound the other still wasn’t going to give up and just turn passive was he? Then again if he did, he wouldn’t be Yamamoto Takeshi.

Fed up with the other’s retaliation and the haughtiness he had from topping Kyouya before, the skylark placed his hands on the swordsman’s shoulder, ignoring the glare, he allowed himself to fall back, back hitting the bed as he pulled the man along with him. With one flip he rolled over, to the side so that the two wouldn’t fall onto the floor (would be quiet painful), the cloud guardian finally gained the upper position.

With such a switch in position, the other was now pinned against the bed, even more limited by his bound hands. (Kyouya couldn’t even begin to think about what would have happened if the other wasn’t bound). There were so many choices to make of course. But where should they start? 

The classic: rub it in your face. And thus the skylark asked a question while his finger gently trailed down the other’s face.… of course thrown off track by his partner. The other’s bound hands were now climbing up his dress shirt, only to cling onto his collar. “Getting so worked up my little pet,” he purred into the other’s ear, “who said you could take any part in this? Sit still.”

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It was funny how quickly the turn of events occurred.  Takeshi really thought he had the upper hand when they entered his room; however, that was not the case.  It sucked to have his hands binded away from their use.  His fingers were still unrestrained yet no freedom of roaming his arms and hands as he wished.  He groaned at the realization.  But there was still ideas he had in mind, even though he was limited. 

Kyouya’s frustration and anger only brought more excitement to the swordsman.  He was entertained by the different features the skylark was giving off, the growls, the raising smirks, the tightening grip.  Having the bottom side of things weren’t so bad as he thought; he was able to experience changing expressions by the second. 

Advantages, huh?  There wasn’t much since he lacked using his hands.  But aside from that, he realized he had a full view of everything.  Maybe something will happen.  No, something will definitely happen.  With a Master like Hibari Kyouya, something was bound to happen.  So, to take up some time, he teased his ‘master’ by playing with the apparel’s buttons.  There were only a few unbuttoned, those were near the collar.  The rest were still safe and sound.  Perhaps he could undo those later.  It was a thought to keep. 

Dancing his fingers along the trail of the button up dress shirt, it wasn’t long before his binded hands gripped onto the other’s collar, closing their distance.  Takeshi smirked, questioning what’s to happen next.  He was only lectured in response.  “So bossy.”  He growled violently, glaring while he had the chance. 

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Recruiting [TYE @ shibuki]


Why did the other sigh? Because he was forced through all this? Then it occurred to Kyouya: what if the other was basically just acting on pent up lust? And not out of anything that would reflect Kyouya’s feelings for him? It was possible. The prefect didn’t deny. After all the swordsman seemed to just joke around, all carefree around the herbivores, teasing until the Italian flushed red and started yelling at him. 

But it didn’t refrain him from continuing his actions. Tongue sliding out of his mouth only to press against the other’s neck, lathering the skin with his own saliva, marking it with such a coating yet not going as far as to leave an actual mark. Sloppy, he wondered if it was too much like a dog before the other whimpered. Perhaps he didn’t like such an action?

He did enjoy such type of contact, odd that he did but it seemed to more or less place the baseball player under his possession. If he was honest with himself it was just a tool of reassurance. After the kisses they’ve shared, to break contact like that… if the other clearly pushed him away then Kyouya might have stopped. What led him to such a situation anyways?

Just a bit more, he began to speak, murmuring the words before the covering his own face in embarrassment. It was such an embarrassing thing to admit such words aloud but he did, perhaps wishing to understand a bit more about himself and the other, first time he ever did. He really didn’t want anything else from the other. Perhaps he did, he just didn’t know how to word it. 

And as for attraction it wasn’t just for strength (though that was admirable but he had a long way to go before he could combat Kyouya). It was the gut instinct the baseball player had in defeating the skylark, something that was proved time and time again in battle, something that made kyouya almost wish to test it against himself when the time was ripe. Growing interest, growing anticipation, growing attraction, was it just as simple as wishing to spar with a potential wolf?

Mutual? What did the other mean? Mutual? As in being attracted to each other? When did it start and why? Because he was the strongest out of the guardians? OR that he was the prefect of the school?

Either way why was he so concerned about such a thought. True, he was more or less attracted to the rain guardian but why up till now had he been worried upon the fact if the other did or not. It didn’t matter that much. If he didn’t then he didn’t… but what if he did.

Feeling a hand on his arm and prying it off his face so that he would have to look up and into those amber eyes, he was about to growl a what when he heard the other’s question. Would he be mad if the other liked him? In that way? Without an explanation? But even KYouya couldn’t come up with an explanation for his attraction towards the other, he shouldn’t demand one from the other as well.

“No” he answered, he wouldn’t be angry, wouldn’t be happy either… just confused for now. Seeing the other’s face flush and rubbing his own neck, kyouya wondered if he did too. No. Of course not. What a silly thought. But the thought ‘what if I did’ kept circling his mind and thus involuntarily spat out a question: “and so what if you like me?” what would he do after such a confession?

Such an unexpected explanation, it left the baseball player with widened eyes.  He sat there for several minutes trying to understand with the other meant with those words.  Attraction.  It never gave him this type of sensation, a feeling of excitement.  Maybe he was just assuming things, but it felt like that kind of meaning.  The meaning of liking someone.  

He swallowed his breath, only to continue gazing at the prefect.  His face was covered with the slender arm, hiding away the embarrassment.  Hibari Kyouya was being shy?  It was something new, something he didn’t expect.  Well, to be completely honest, Takeshi didn’t expect a lot of things.  Their lips touching, the kissing, the intimacy, the touch.  A whole lot surprised him and, yet, he felt like this was only the beginning.  In spite of that, he reached over to wrap his hand around the wrist, moving it away. 

"Mutual," he repeated as he eyes laid upon the rather embarrassed skylark.  What did the other think of it?  Probably confused since he really didn’t give an explanation.  It could always be saved for later. 

Then, he breathed, confessing his current emotions.  It was strange how casual it came out of his mouth, too.  Was it, maybe, because he held this kind of attraction ever since the beginning?  Funny, he never realized it.  He was probably dense, like many would say.  But, in this case, he was somehow able to understand parts of his own feelings for once.  It felt different from the ‘like’ he had for baseball, and the ‘like’ he had for his friends.  This ‘like’ was different. 

His heartbeat continued to accelerate, even after his finished his little confession.  Maybe it was an after effect, a withdrawal.  Then again, he may have feared an answer.  Either way, he couldn’t stop himself from laughing it out, rubbing his neck embarrassingly.  It eased him to do things like that. 

A sigh escaped his lips, shoulders dropped, as he received an answer.  No?  Then, Hibari wouldn’t be mad if I liked him?  He continued to think it over, wondering if he said the right words for the other to understand.  It appeared he got it, anyway.  Takeshi smiled upon laying eyes on a very innocent looking skylark.  He never knew there was this side to him.  But, those eyes were still like daggers.  They were captivating though.  When Hibari said ‘no’, he seemed to have eased as well.  Did.. he feel the same?  It was too much to hope for but it wasn’t a bad thing to think about either. 

He lofted a brow as he heard a follow-up question.  “Well..” he began, leaning in with a grin.  So what?  Would it be bad to like Hibari Kyouya?  “I’m saying.. Let’s go out.  Date.”  He proposed, delicately brushing his fingers alongside the jawline of the skylark.  “I mean, Hibari probably accepted me already, right?  We’ve done a lot over the past hours.  So, let’s try it.  I’m interested in you.”  

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It was fairly obvious the other wasn’t paying attention to a word he said. Then again, no words would deter him from his actions once he was in such a mood. He has always been like this and Kyouya was more or less used to this. Besides, the skylark wasn’t one to communicate with a lot of words, perhaps a few noises like primal animals, but that would be enough to get a point across. 

Kyouya really didn’t like releasing ‘erotic’ noises, forget the entire embarrassing part, it was almost as if he was caving into the other’s will. After all, whenever such noises slipped from his mouth, the other just gloated more and more and that didn’t sit quite well with the skylark. But sometimes, one’s will is not strong enough to overpower the sensitivity of one’s physical body. Kyouya could only imagine how he looked. Probably a synonym of: ridiculous. The skylark’s skin was already paler than most people (due to lack of sports and tendency to stay indoors to study) the contrast between areas left untouched and the areas marked would be fairly obvious, no doubt. 

One down. Nineteen more to go, Kyouya groaned internally, thinking of how many more times was he going to endure this. It wouldn’t be long before he started enjoying this though. Or that his pants would start feeling tight. But that could be left for later, feeling the cold air contact the moist spot just beneath his collar bone. 

Eyes would sometimes widen to glare at the other, only to flutter slightly and leave them half-lidded due to the amount of pleasure applied to his skin.  Especially how the other mouthed his nub, carefully yet playfully enough to make him groan. It seemed as if the second mark was done pretty quick. Probably because the skin around the nub was already darker as compared to the rest, whatever the reason, the baseball player had quickly moved to his ribcage, lips gliding against the skin as if counting how many ribs made up his chest. But the gentleness was soon replaced by aggression as the baseball player tried to remove any evidence of liquid other than his own saliva from the place.

Parting and refraining from anymore action, only to gloat at how he was in control of this situation, Kyouya couldn’t help but want to reject his own feelings. Of course that didn’t work. If two people spend a lot of time with each other, overtime they start to more or less grasp what the other was thinking. And this was such the case of both of them. He really did want to retort though. Maybe something defiant like ‘im not’ but that would just be bordering childishness in the end so he dropped it, only pressing his upper lips into his lower as he protruded it a bit to form something similar to a pout.

Things wouldn’t just end there. He was far from finishing his ‘fun’ (see what Kyouya had to deal with all these years?) and thus the skylark could feel the other inching in for the kill: his neck. It wouldn’t be Yamamoto Takeshi if he didn’t, at least one, try something on Kyouya’s neck. From all the experiences in the past, of course Takeshi’s boyfriend would know right? Gratefully the other hand dropped from his nub that was slightly aching from such friction only to drop down with his belt. Oh so teasing with his knee wasn’t enough? He had to arouse Kyouya even more did he? Fumbling with the buckle, toying with the skylark on purpose before he slowly started to raise the buckle and sliding it out enough to unzip him and let air circle his privates. The prefect gritted his teeth. If only he could do something to retaliate. 

Small nibbles to his neck, the scraping of the other’s teeth against his neck. It was then soothed over with the pressure of a tongue, moistening the area as well as making it even more sensitive. A small tremor, vibration… was the other that pleased as to be humming in such a situation? Kyouya should have known from the way the other’s lips seemed to be curved upward when pressing his lips to mark the target. Small sucks, but long enough to form a mark, and he didn’t let go even after quite a while of time. Probably because he wanted to push the limits of seeing how long this mark would last. Sometimes that certain area would be nipped, wringing out a moan from Kyouya’s lips. At least he soon gave him peace.

Or not. A challenge? To see what Kyouya would do? A chance… yet as the other left a trail of kisses down his body, the skylark couldn’t help but think bitterly what can I do? He was still underneath the other, still being pressed down against the floor. Even if he wanted to tease the other, his crotch area was out of reach, shirt too hidden to be unbuttoned. Seriously. What was wrong with Takeshi’s idea of a ‘fair play’? Well the easiest would be self-defensive he supposed and thus reached down to catch the other’s chin, ignoring the growl (the other had ignored him after all), and pulling him up to kiss him. Probably too passive for the other’s liking but oh well, suck it up.

And that’s exactly what they did. Takeshi’s hand entwined with one of his own as their lips met, moving in sync with each other, pressing together heatedly as if Kyouya couldn’t get enough of Takeshi. And he couldn’t. it had been a while for such passionate kisses, mostly the skylark’s fault for brushing the other off as soon as he swung an arm around the former prefect or tried to kiss him. The roughness as two lips slid against each other, the hot air trapped between two mouths and eventually the dance of tongues as they tried to gain power over each other. And when Kyouya was gracious enough to let the other into his mouth, he would lightly suck on the other’s wet appendage. More, more, more, pumping through his veins as well as mine, mine, mine until it combined into one thing, leaving the skylark breathless, flushed, and aroused in the end.

There were at times vibrations caught between the two. Kyouya couldn’t even differentiate if they were from him of his boyfriend. Probably a mingle of the two. But all good things had to come to an end and there were limitations to human beings. The other broke contact gratefully, after all the skylark didn’t believe he would last much longer either. His chest rise and feel at a fast pattern, feeling the urge to just rest when he was alerted by the sudden movements in his pants. At least the other wasn’t going to tease more, the skylark probably couldn’t handle any more in that state and shivered under the other’s touch as the hand trailed up his bare chest, only to thread through his hair. Kyouya relaxed at the touch, grey eyes flickering to the baseball player’s direction, watching him breathlessly.

Why was the other apologizing? There was no need to… Kyouya’s own fault in the first place with the strawberry. At least it was a ‘break’ and at least both of them didn’t detest it right?

Seeing the other smile he couldn’t help but feel relieved. He slid a bit to the side to let the other fit into the cramped space between the couch and the table, fingers still wrapped around the other’s hand. Kyouya leaned into the stroking of his hair, listening tiredly as the other explained. He missed the other too, more or less, nodding a bit… of course three marks were fine. Though it fell seventeen short of what he expected would have happened. The skylark watched silently as the other broke into a grin, only to lean in and press his lips against the cheek of the baseball player before nuzzling his nose against the soft skin, not caring about his bare chest or loose pants for that matter. It was takeshi’s break time, finally toned down to something more normal.

Seventeen minutes remained.  He supposed it was about time to leave his trademark.  The last mark long disappeared, probably a few months gone.  It was missing.  It shouldn’t have been absent for such a long period of time.  Just the thought made Takeshi slightly irritated.  Because of University, they haven’t been able to spend enough time alone together.  It was a lonely feeling but he wasn’t sure of the other felt the same.  Sometimes, it even depressed him, though he’d often hid it underneath a casual facade. 

He continued with those thoughts brushed aside.  It wasn’t going to help just thinking about it.  Rather, it’d be nice to act upon it.  Once he was satisfied with the reddish hickey in between the ribcage, he climbed toward the next target: the slope of the neck.  Teeth scraped against the sensitive snow-like skin of Kyouya several times before moistening it with a tongue roll.  Was this how it felt to be ‘bitten’?  How did it feel, Hibari Kyouya? 

Pleasantly charmed, he sucked the area for an elongated period.  Over and over again, he sucked it out in a rough manner.  Takeshi would get so much pleasure out of it, just sucking Kyouya’s neck.  He’d groan out the skylark’s name as it resonated upon the skin.  But, enough was enough.  It’ll only waste time if he continued any longer.  Perhaps, the other’s skin may not even take it.  A dark red lustful colored hickey resulted.  It looked good, the darkest out of three. 

He smirked, raising his head only to glance at the flushed face of the other.  How sweet.  It felt even better when he noticed a few moans escaping the throat of Kyouya’s.  It wasn’t too often that he’d make a vulnerable sound like that.  Rare, to be exact.  So, to elicit this type of response from the skylark pleased Takeshi to a whole new level.  His body would jolt out of pure excitement (or was it hormones). 

However, it was long from over.  There was a lot of time left, perhaps a little over fourteen minutes.  He thought it was nice to give Kyouya a chance, at least.  The other seemed to be pushed to a limit, yet, Takeshi hadn’t even gone all out.  Just a few hickeys, a few touches, a few gropes.  Maybe, the skylark had missed these types of sensations for a long period of time.  It added even more reasons to why they needed to spend more time with one another! 

He played a bit more around with Kyouya’s body, leaving random kisses, until his little offer was taken.  A grab on the chin, pulling Takeshi back up until their lips touched.  He couldn’t help it.  He just couldn’t hold back anymore.  It had been too long.  He had to be rough because he needed to show how much heyearnedfor this kind of intimacy.  Takeshi leaned in, pressing his lips passionately in.  His hand loosen, only to slip into the palms, entwining in between each finger.  Clenching it tight, his eyes sealed, completely captivated by the moment.  He couldn’t stop.  He wanted more,and more, and more.  “Nnn..!”  It was getting hot, he realized.  It was a minute in, yet none dared to part.  He couldn’t, not yet. 

Face flushed, he knew it had to come to an end sooner or later.  Their tongues fought a few times, flicking one another into each opening.  He’d suck occasionally, whenever the tongue came into his den. He’d moan sometimes, sending vibes down the other’s throat.  He’d gasp frequently due to lack of oxygen.  It was over.  Takeshi lost. He’d shiver, out of pleasure, as he stared into the Kyouya’s seducing eyes.  He continued to stare, breathlessly.

Only gasps filled the atmosphere.  The two men were out of breath.  The kiss lasted only a mere two minutes, but it was more than enough to bring out the best of the them.  Kyouya’s face was shimmering as there was evidence of sweat hanging around his temples, attracting hair.  It covered his beauty.  It had to be move.  It called to be moved.  His hand slipping out of the loosened pants, dancing up the nude chest until threading through the the raven’s locks.  Each finger precisely removed the strands of hair sticking to the surface of the skylark’s frame.  Periodically, he’d brush the back of his hand around Kyouya’s heating forehead and glistening cheeks.  It was soft. 

Aaah, how exciting was that.  But, he was tired.  The break was really necessary and it was good that time was on his side.  Twelve minutes remained.  He fell to his side as he continued with the conversation, getting no response in return.  No matter, it was the usual notion.  It was expected that Kyouya wouldn’t answer to his remarks.  But he had to apologize, for teasing a bit too much.  But he didn’t feel that bad since he was pretty confident that his boyfriend like the little play. 

Smiling, Takeshi continued to hold the other’s hand, combing his fingers through the threads of hair.  His eyes sealed as he pressed his nose against the warm cheek, nuzzling it from left to right.  Gradually, he’d stop, only to rest there silently.  Finally, a real ‘break’. 

His eyes popped open as he received a kiss on the cheek.  Mutual feelings?  “I miss you,” he repeated in a much calmer voice, relaxed.  “I miss you.”  Do you feel the same?  He wanted to ask, yet he felt as if he already knew the answer.  “Say..”  He’d bring up, staring back at the other, as an idea popped into his mind.  His hand slipped from the skylark’s hair, wiggling out a piece of candy from his pocket.  It was a sweet kind, popular among students, one he bought from the market at school to keep him awake in class.  “Come closer,” he asked.  Whether Kyouya followed through with the request or not, it didn’t matter because Takeshi would do it his stead.  “Let’s have some candy before work.”  Was Kyouya expecting it?  They haven’t experienced this type of kiss before, so why not try?  It was the last piece too.  Plus, there was a lot of time left.  Ten minutes to spare. 

Popping the reddish strawberry flower flavored candy into his mouth, he smiled before wrapping the hand back around Kyouya’s head, pulling him in.  “Share,” he’d mumble before lips touch once again.  Hastily, he’d force the piece of candy into the skylark’s mouth, tongue fondled, tasting its sweetness.  Takeshi parted, just far enough to speak.  “Good, huh?”  He laughed, brushing his lips against Kyouya’s, teasing him a bit, at least until he decided to ‘share’.  “The candy matches with your marks.”  He reminded, playing it to his advantage. 

AU - eleven (@hoshokusha)


It would be awful for Kyouya to blame everything on the other. After all, it wasn’t all Takeshi’s fault. Kyouya was the one who started with the strawberries. Well specifically everything started to go downhill once the skylark’s prank went a bit too far as to stain the other’s shirt. But for a simple treat to turn into some dangerous game was quite unexpected.

But enough of the blame game. The skylark didn’t really care this much about who was to blame. Even if they nailed the one who was to blame, it wouldn’t change anything at all. Time wouldn’t turn back on itself even if they wanted to. What to worry about was the present and how to get out of such a position. 

Perhaps Kyouya had been too harsh on his lover. He wasn’t quick in the uptake of information, that’s why lectures bored him till he fell asleep (at least he wasn’t lacking sleep). He really did need a break but a break like this?  Perhaps due to such feelings he decided to let the other off a bit, relax a bit before they started to continue studying. After all if they continued cramming, Takeshi might not keep any of the information at all.

Kyouya couldn’t help but roll his eyes at what the other was saying. What exactly did Takeshi ‘learn; in this period of time? Kyouya couldn’t help but be slightly afraid when he saw the baseball player biting the edge of his own lip. Even caressing such an inappropriate place didn’t seem to phase the other. Well Kyouya would experience soon what the other had ‘learned’ from him.

“I can tell,” he hissed with as much venom as he could manage, glaring at the other as his tee started to be unbuttoned quickly. The other dipped down quickly enough. Perhaps because it had been a while he had been in contact with his boyfriend (lately he’s been cramming for exams so he’s been more or less neglecting Takeshi) that he had turned this sensitive? It was only one minute and yet he already had a mark on his body. With the minutes left… the skylark worried about the amount that would be left after the baseball player was done. At least he would be able to cover the evidence with a  shirt right? 

Enough teasing from the other. Playing around with Kyouya’s sensitive parts was not fair, especially how he hated releasing embarrassing noises. It made him weak after all. And thus the only way he could stop them was with a hand to his mouth. Bashful? Not quite more like trying to stop further embarrassment.

Oh of course his boyfriend wouldn’t let him do as he wished.  His hand was ripped out of his mouth, pinned on the floor. The other moved quickly, hand securing Kyouya’s before taking into his mouth one nub with a playful flick. Kyouya gasped. Of course, Takeshi knew all his sensitive spots too well. Little things that could  drive him over the edge, little things that could make him react.

He must have left some sort of evidence before he moved to Kyouya’s left ribcage. A small nick, a small suck things that could drive a moan out of his mouth, probably something he was looking for in the first place. “What if I said no?” he growled out of spite. OF course he wouldn’t just admit that it did feel good.

Once again the baseball player targeted his favorite spot: the neck. A small nibble to his neck, the skylark nibbled his own lower lip to prevent noises. What surprised him though, was that he had dropped the knee pressing against Kyouya’s crotch area. But of course there were still minutes to go, the other wouldn’t be done yet. His eyes started to widen and glare at the other as he felt the hand leave his nub and to his buckle, fumbling it on purpose.

He continued glaring at the other as words slipped from his mouth, asking him to stop. “You aren’t giving me much of a chance are you?” He asked as the other left a trail of kisses down his chest as his hand slipped down his pants, pressed against his sensitive area, warming it. One hand reached down to catch the other’s chin, raising it up to meet his face so he could press his lips against his boyfriend’s. “It’s your break. Do as you like,” he mumbled against Takeshi’s lips, caving in whether out of hormones or feeling apologetic for forcing the other this far, he wasn’t quite sure anymore. Perhaps he could distract the other from his lower region and thus he slipped his tongue into the crevice of the baseball player’s lips.

Whatever his boyfriend said flew in one ear and right out the other.  He wasn’t ignoring or anything like that, rather he wanted to pay attention to other things.  Either way, he was still able to understand the hiss that came out of Kyouya’s lips, almost as if he could be bitten to death. 

Takeshi continued, hand tightly gripped to hold the Kyouya’s down as he sucked in a particular place of the naked body, leaving a brightening red mark as a result.  The color was so sharp, it was probably darker than the rosy nubs, which he continued to tease with small ounces of playful rubs.  Those little touches were able to elicit particular responses.  Gasps and petite sounds constantly escaped the thinly lined lips of the skylark.  Even with the amount of strength he used to hold it back, it didn’t work so well with him in the end. 

A glowing mark right beneath the collarbone was a good start.  It looked very nice on the porcelain white body.  Heck, anything would look good on the skylark if it was marked by Takeshi.  He always felt that kind of confidence when he did stuff like this.  He wasn’t sure if that was considered as conceited but one could see it that way. 

His lips continued to loiter around Kyouya’s body, tongue in physical contact with the smooth skin as he descended.  He moved at a remarkable pace, enough to keep up with the remaining minutes of this certain ‘break’.  Eyelashes fluttered in pleasure as he hid his amber hues underneath those lids, mouthing the nub.  How it exciting it was to get some moans every now and then.  He advanced further until he reached a certain area of the ribcage, inhaling and exhaling at an accelerated speed, sucking it the skin dry until a velvet red mark was visible. 

Satisfied, he parted only to ask how the other was feeling.  He got quite a snarky response in return.  “No..?  Then, Kyouya would be lying,” he gazed at the skylark with honest eyes, grinning.  He was pretty confident about his answer because he knew his boyfriend better than anyone else. 

Escalating toward the next target, his favorite, he moved in for the neckline.  It had always been his special place, or something of that sort.  He wouldn’t be Yamamoto Takeshi if he hadn’t left one of his marks there.  It had to be done, plus Kyouya wasn’t going to reject.  He had accepted the last two marks, one more wouldn’t hurt.  Along the way, his other hand slipped away from the selective dark pink nub (probably from too much rubbing and pinching), and headed its way down toward the belt.  It toyed around with a raising bulge before committing towards its initial intent: to loosen the belt.  Fingers looped through the buckle, loosening it just enough for air to slip through.  How was that for a tease? 

He grinned under his breath as he nibbled the area of the neck, wetting it with a roll of his tongue.  He inhaled Kyouya’s scent, it was as familiar as ever.  Humming in delight, he’d suck the area until another hickey was apparent.  Because this particular location was his favorite, he sucked it hard.  It lasted a little over two minutes.  Occasionally, he’d bite it intentionally, only to elicit certain responses.  It wasn’t long before he parted, fond of the sight. 

"I’m giving you a chance now," Takeshi responded earnestly.  "What do you think..?"  He teased, leaving a trail of kisses down as he concluded his question, slipping a finger or two beneath the undergarments.  Soon enough, his action was halted as Kyouya grabbed him by the chin.  He growled in a playful manner, wondering if he was taking his ‘chance’.  Chin was gripped tightly, and before long, their lips touched.  "Mmm.."  How nice it felt to kiss his lips again.  It had been awhile. 

Takeshi’s grip loosened, as his fingers quickly entwined with the skylark’s.  His eyes half lidded, stared down lovingly at into his boyfriend’s as he was more than pleased with this special gift.  They kissed, lips roughly massaging with one another.  He continued to kiss, as their tongues fought for dominance.  Occasionally, Takeshi would lose himself during the prolonged kiss, breathless, cheeks raised in temperature, body aroused.  Nonetheless, this kind of ‘break’ wasn’t so bad either. 

Unintentionally, he’d moan during the kiss, though he wasn’t sure if Kyouya would hear it since, well, their lips occupied one another.  Too bad Takeshi had to part first.  Breathless, he parted with heavy pants.  His hand escaped a the skylark’s briefs, only to slide its way across the nude body and thread itself into the raven locks.  Gradually, his fingers combed away the threads of hair that stuck onto Kyouya’s face, revealing the flawless expression underneath.  Exhausted.  Sweaty.  Tinted pink cheeks.  Crimson red lips.   There was twelve minutes left. 

"Kidding…"  He finally said.  "Just.. kidding," as he was just toying with the other as ‘revenge’ for the earlier strawberry.  It was fun though, he had to admit.  Maybe it was time for a real break.  "Sorry."  He mouthed. 

Takeshi stared at the other for a moment before smiling, dropping down to his side as he snuggled alongside Kyouya.  One pair of hand still entwined while the other brushed through the medium trimmed cut hair.  “I guess… I just missed you,” he said truthfully, nuzzling his nose against the skylark’s warm cheek.  With school and all, it was hard to squeeze in some time for one another.  He felt a bit jealous that studies was taking Kyouya away.  “Three marks are enough, right Kyouya?”  He laughed, glimmering white pearls perked through his lips.  “Okay, break time~  Stay here with me.” 

AU - eleven (@hoshokusha)


It felt uncomfortable being pinned down, as if your freedom was stripped away from you. Too limited to move really. Kyouya could, if he wanted, rejected the other and pushed him away or something but the knee to his sensitive part was just not playing fair. Plus being at a disadvantage angered him. At least they could play fair right?

Of course he was well aware that the other would take up a lot of time just to finish his assignments. But he had the patience, only for his boyfriend. Besides the three wishes didn’t have a expiration date, no need to rush. Wouldn’t it be much more rewarding and enjoyable if school work was out of their minds? Then they could spend the weekend till their hearts content. Apparently not so for the other as he tried to wiggle his way out with one wish. Then again why couldnt their break time be something innocent. Like milk and cookies! Or popsicle sticks. Anything but this

Hm. Odd how he didn’t just shove the other away and say ‘no’. It was caught in his throat and before he knew it he was lead on by the other, determined not to give in those twenty minutes.

Perhaps he should just categorize this as the ‘rebellious age’ after all he was in his teen years after all. Or just purely a hormonal manner. Who knew? But Kyouya had a fair share of glares and talking back from the other, they were minor and somewhat tolerable. But this? Who did Takeshi think he was? Either way he had always been an element of surprise, why Kyouya liked him anyways (in which he started to wonder if he just had bad taste in partners in general).

He couldn’t be shown down by his younger boyfriend could he? With one hand he shoved the hand pinning him down off so he would be free to move somewhat. One hand grabbing onto the other’s hair to pull him away from what he was doing. And the other slid down to pressure the baseball player’s nether area. It infuriated him at how the other wasn’t even slightly flustered as compared to Kyouya. “Of course you are to blame,” he growled, “you asked for the break time.” and breaks should be innocent, no?

“A reward for later” he hissed. “And aren’t you supposed to show a sensei more respect?” Words came out rushed due to the fact that other noises could accompany any time while he was speaking. He took a note that he would bite the other to death when he had time. Probably the easiest part was the neck, to draw blood for. As for a fatal bite, probably to the tongue, ripping it out, in the excuse of a kiss. Yes, that could probably work.

Without so much as a light warning, his shirt was quickly unbuttoned by experienced hands. Just wonderful, he thought as he stared at the other, about to shiver from the sudden chill on his bare skin. “Enjoy the view?” teasing just a bit. After all the baseball player’s body was riddled with scars from sliding from base to base. Perhaps even from kendo practices. But he doubted it. Takeshi’s old man was long gone.

He could still remember once then they just started and he was invited over to the baseball player’s place for a dinner of sushi, the other was nowhere to be found and thus greeted by his father. All Yamamoto Tsuyoshi did was smile and say “so this is the one he wished to protect.” Kyouya wanted to correct him that the prefect didn’t need any protection, but decided to drop it when he continued: “he’s at the dojo.” What dojo? Kyouya asked silently before rounding to the back and seeing that quiet area where Takeshi was practicing. He just stood there quietly and watched the other. The power that surged throughout that body when he swung his sword. Too bad he couldn’t see him in action. It was more like a dance than a fight. Sharp and precise, something different than the way the skylark worked with his blunt and violent weapon. He was quite handsome then and was still handsome now. But that memory contained some innocence and a tint of sadness at the scars he saw riddling his body, probably from sparring to do something as useless as to: protect Kyouya. But that was a different matter entirely.

There was no stopping the baseball player. Not only was he stubborn he liked things to follow through from the beginning to the end, not really that willing to stop in the middle of things. And thus it was quite expected when his tongue landed on the same spot, just beneath the collar bone. Of course that wasnt all, he just had to tease his perked nubs. A whine slipped through his mouth. Of course he struggled, he always did. Perhaps he would stop if Kyouya asked him to?

Of course not. What was he thinking in the first place to even ask such a thing. Twenty minutes were counting down, the other wouldn’t leave him alone till they were up. So even when his hand left the other’s sensitive area to stop himself from giving away more noises, the other refused to stop, even going as far as to rip his hand out of his mouth and pin it down. Kyouya probably looked pathetic underneath the other. Cheeks tinged pink with a slight sheen of sweet, sort of like a blushing girl (damn his girly looks from his mother’s side). He gasped, feeling the tongue move to his nub, continuing to chew on his own lip to prevent further noises. Such a sensitive area already. The skylark was slightly scared at how far the other was going to go in twenty minutes, well nineteen now. If this continued it wouldn’t be long before Kyouya would be wanting him. He winced slightly when the other moved to his left ribcage, cold air enveloping that wet nub. “Nnggh…” slipped out as the other applied pressure to his nether area. How long are you going to continue “teasing me?” Well he hoped the other would take it as “stop teasing me”. He didn’t have enough breath to finish the question of course.

Okay, so maybe the whole event should be blamed on Yamamoto Takeshi.  But it didn’t mean he had to take the whole blame, did he?  If he recalled correctly, it all started with the fruits.  More specifically, it was the strawberries that Kyouya brought over as rewards.  Who knew innocent sweet fruits like strawberries could bring a man to be binded down to the floor?

He sighed, only to brush that topic aside.  Whoever was to blame, it didn’t matter anymore.  Things already happened so there wasn’t much to do about it anyway.  If it made Kyouya happier, Takeshi could take the blame.  Though, he was pretty sure that the other didn’t really care either.  Blaming someone wouldn’t reverse time nor actions. 

As for breaks, he really needed one.  First it was school, and ever since they’ve returned home, they’ve done nothing but study (aside from the small rewards).  Either than that, his brain had been stacked with new information.  It felt a bit uneasy, especially since he was understanding things.  Therefore, there was a reason behind a break.  He wanted to ease it out, maybe play a little.  Even though he knew it would be better to finish it all off in one go, it was a bit difficult.  Studying was still troublesome to the man anyway.  Well, he received the break.  No need for anymore complaints. 

"I do respect you, Sensei,” he said in an innocent tone along a tint of sarcasm.  “You’ve taught me a lot of things.  I’ll demonstrate.”  He smirked, biting the edges of his lips as excitement burned within his eyes.   Even though he was being fondled in inappropriate areas, he didn’t care.  His motivation to play overpowered the teasing touch on his bulge. 

The casual uniform tee was quickly unfastened, displaying quite a figure underneath.  “I do enjoy it,very much.  Can you tell?”  He responded with an elated smile before inching forward and leaving the first red mark for the first minute.  It was interesting how quickly it made its mark too.  Was Takeshi sucking too hard, or was Kyouya’s skin always this sensitive?  It was probably a mix of both, not that he minded.  It meant that he could leave a lot more with the limited amount of time that was left over. 

Rosy pink nubs were being occupied with his teasing fingertips, occasionally giving it a flick or two.  He’d raise, only to see the tips of the nubs a bit redder than expected.  Did he come off too strong?  Mm, well, there was no disapproval so he concluded that his boyfriend liked it.  Just by a glance, he could tell how pleased the other was.  It was cute as Kyouya tried his best to cover his mouth from any noises that wished to escape.  No, that wasn’t allowed.  This was only the beginning, too.  Kyouya was already like this?  Only one minute in? 

He supposed it was time to tease him a bit more.  Quickly, he ripped the arm so that it’d part with the other’s lips, leaving it wide open.  There was evidence of liquid trailing down the rim of the lips, sweat shimmering underneath the light with a tint of red, almost like a blushing girl.  Kyouya was something special, wasn’t he?  Takeshi couldn’t help but chuckle at such a sight.  

Tightly, he gripped his boyfriend’s arm down as he made his next move.  Tongue carefully played with the unoccupied nub for several seconds before he moved lower.  With a gentle flick, he caught a gasp.  Just this little thing could get such a response?  Adorable. 

He lowered, sucking a part of the ribcage at electric speed.  It clinched a moan.  Exactly what he had aimed for.  He parted, knee pushed further as his body jolted to the excitement running through his blood.  Two marks down, eighteen minutes to go.  “Kyoouyaa…”  He’d drag out the name intentionally.  “How does it feel?  Good?”  He teased with a smirk, leaning his head toward the slender slope of the skylark’s neck.  Next target. 

A tongue rolled around in a playful manner before he gently nibbled the soft porcelain skin until moistened.  “Mm..”  He’d hum, nudging the particular one last time before allowing his knee to drop.  It was okay, it wasn’t over yet.  The playful hand that occupied a nub quickly left its locale, descending to occupy the vacant crotch.  His fingers fondled the area with care, in a playful manner, before actually unbuckling the belt, loosening it enough for future plans.  

"Nn..?"  He parted as soon as he heard words, rather than those distinctive noises escape the mouth of the other.  His eyes glanced at the velvet hickey on the neck.  Perfect.  "Why?  You want me to stop?"  He asked with slight satisfaction on his work thus far.  "Does Kyouya want a turn?"  Curious as if the other wanted to play in this little activity as well.  Takeshi wouldn’t mind, honestly.  However, as he waited for an answer, his lips danced down the skylark’s chest once more, leaving trails of kisses as his hand slipped underneath the loose pants, laying warmly adjacent the comfort of the rising bulge. 


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Ohohoho, feel free to pick! I love your drabbles. Break me, call me, get me, kill me, mourn me, quite me, remember me, shag me, tell me, unbind me, value me, zip me

Why are you so mean to me? They are really hard. I hope I don’t ruin anything ; ~ ;

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AU - Most Wanted: Hibari-hime [@shibuki]


Kyouya was a frog in a shallow well. Had always been in the well, the sky was just that bit he could see. The things outside of the wall remain unknown. It didn’t matter how high he climbed, even into the towers, he could never see far enough before the earth dipped down, covering his view of the world. All he could see were tiny specks, hear the loud noises during matsuris, sometimes lines of lanterns would light up the streets, sometimes bright fires as clusters burned down. Not a bit of sympathy in his eyes when he viewed such scenes, only ‘how beautiful’ with a cup of tea. It was a whole other world to him, no feelings attached… then again he didn’t even have feelings for this place as well.

The other was probably homesick, judging from the way he looked up at the sky. Even if he said he didn’t regret anything, no one can adjust that quickly to such a life can they? Could he last long enough before regretting this decision if he continued to not fit in? Only time would tell how far both of them would go.

Setting the futons down side by side (the space in the room was limited after all) he started to undress the outer garments. So heavy, but he was used to it, used to keeping his head up and his back straight in those clothing. He turned around, only to see the other following his movements and taking off the heavy clothing. At least he wouldn’t trip over himself anymore right? It was funny how he was afraid of looking at the princess directly. Some shy school boy. Kyouya was used to such glances and used to laugh at them but such honesty was quite different.

“You what?” hating it when people didn’t finish their sentences. He merely dropped the subject and decided to just lay on the futon. Perhaps his teasing had gone overboard. He wasn’t afraid of anyone taking advantage of him. He had enough strength to break someone’s neck with his own hands. No one would mind too. No one dared to oppose him spare for his father and mother. Besides, he didn’t seem to be the wolf-type of men. Of course he was just assuming things.

HE turned away from the other, falling asleep not long after he felt the gentle stroking of his hair. Such a cherishing manner it was surprising. It was weird how he would experience a good dream, he had expected it to be a nightmare after such murders today. It usually happened. That was the price for ending a person’s life: to be haunted by him.

But tonight was different. It went back a few years…

Kyouya was in his own room, being punished for telling his name to someone else. Tears were streaming down his porcelain face as he was shut in, shadows against the doors as servants walked by in hushed manners, not a single candle light was given to the princess. Curled up trying to comfort himself, he heard soft words being spoken to him, soft and comforting and apologizing… something no one really did to him. Back then he just wished for his father to say a sorry but that would never happen. A gentle kiss to his cheek. If only he had a candlight to see who the man was… if only.

Words slipped out of his mouth in the dream. Asking for permission from the man. It felt much better when he asked those questions, almost comforted. But it was only a dream… if only dreams could turn to reality. 

Morning arrived. No matter how much a person prayed, it would be impossible for them to dream forever, unless they were dead. And so like any other day, he rose and looked out, seeing the birds perching in their trees as they looked curiously upon the two. Asking the other to wake he sang a few notes to the birds, something that was part of his daily ritual. Sometimes, both in the past and even now, he wished to have the ability to speak to animals, they forever seemed to understand him more anyways. 

He looked at the other when he finally spoke up, eyeing the spectacular bed head (he’s really seen none of those before. After all, maids help comb his hair every day). He reached out, trying to smooth it a bit. “Hn” he replied before rising, sliding open the shogi doors to allow a servant in with a tray of food. “Rise. We have a busy day ahead.” How did the other know that he had a good dream in the first place? But he wiped that notion out of his head.

Following the servant with the tray came the royal food taster. Kyouya sighed since the other was nothing more than a pig. Seating himself down and gesturing for the peasant to join him, he watched as the food tester, took a bite out of everything: the quail eggs, some porridge, the miso soup, the fish, even the pickles and black beans. “Seeing as how you aren’t dead yet, get out” the princess purred as she slipped the dagger out of her sleeve and drove it into the tray, just seconds after where the food tester’s hand was placed. As soon as the nosy man was out he turned his attention back to Takeshi. “Hold your chopsticks for me to see,” starting the training right away.

Nothing occupied his mind more than those words that secretly escaped the princess’s lips amidst the night.  Whether he liked it or not, it constantly replayed, over and over again.  It was the first time he had ever saw the princess so vulnerable, innocent, pure.  The lips, the hand brushing upon that particular touch, his body trembling when he asked, almost as if he was frightened, scared, timid. 

Takeshi wanted to reach out and hold the other, to reassure that everything will be alright.  Yet, he held back.  What if his touch ended up breaking the princess apart?  He didn’t know anything.  But he figured out one thing about the princess:  he was fragile.  Nothing scared the ex-peasant more than hurting Hibari Kyouya.  So, he turned away.  In the end, he was a coward.  The temperature in his head raised ever so often as he shivered underneath the futon sheets.  He hugged himself in hiding, almost afraid of what was to happen.  He loved Kyouya to a point where he feared his intentions would only cause hurt. 

I’m not fit for this ‘prince’ role at all, he’d say to himself as he burrowed his head into his arms underneath the heating sheets.  It only raised his temperature even further, if he had even noticed.  Often he’d gasp for air, poking his nose out for a breather.  Yet, he couldn’t turn around.  He couldn’t face the princess even though he wanted to.  There was so much he wanted to do, yet he continued to hold back.  Promises.  Will he be able to follow through with them?  Trust.  Was he even worthy? 

His heart accelerated a beat higher as he returned to any thoughts regarding Kyouya.  Sometimes, it hurt.  However, this kind of feeling was somewhat refreshing; it was like a new type of sensation. 

It was funny because he’d have all these thoughts of liking the princess, yet, the other probably didn’t think the same.  Probably the exact opposite.  He wasn’t favored, yet he was accepted.  What kind of fate was this?  Honestly, the man didn’t really mind.  He just wanted to be there for the other, protecting him.  That’s right, I want to protect him.  Whether he was hated, despised, thrown away, etc, he made a decision.  He’ll protect Hibari Kyouya. 

On-going thoughts proved to be a difficult obstacle for the night because he wasn’t able to get a wink of sleep in the end.  It was alright, though.  Throughout the processes of abstract thinking, he was able to figure his role, his use, for the other.  He’d be a weapon.  He promised himself that he’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill that ‘worth’ of being trusted.  He wanted to see the ‘real’ Kyouya, not the one who put up such a strong façade.  Deep underneath those layers, there was some darkness.  He knew.  Perhaps, Takeshi could be the ‘light’, the hand, to pull the other out.  

It was morning.  He was woken up by the enchanting voice of the other, only to pop his head out and greet in return, however his voice was a bit broken, unstable, and weak.  It was probably due to the words the other whispered out.  Kyouya seemed pretty unaware of what he had said during the night.  Maybe, there was a chance he didn’t remember anything.  Well, it didn’t really bother Takeshi or anything, he already decided to keep it a secret, unless he was pestered about it.  Then again, he wouldn’t mind bringing it up.  Perhaps later, when the two get more familiar with one another. 

A bed head was a usual routine for the new ‘prince’, so it wasn’t so very surprising.  However, the thing that did shock him was Kyouya being slightly intimate.  He was smoothing out the messy hair.  Takeshi sat there, staring at the other, in a stiff manner.  He wanted to explode, but somehow he was able to keep his composure.  It was most likely to do the man pinching himself, underneath the layers of sheets, to suppress the emotions.  He would revert his eyes and nod.  “Okay,” he responded before crawling out from the futon and preparing for the new day ahead.

Ruffling his hair, it was the usual solution to allow his hair to fall back to normal, he rolled back his futon, along with the princess’s, and placed it neatly back into the closet while the other prepared for breakfast.  The royal palace had a bit more variety for breakfast that he had back at home.  It was rich, one could describe it as.  He never seen a breakfast so tasty before.  But, he was able to experience a strange occurrence.  The servants had to taste the foods before the royalties ate.  Well, it was to be expected.  It’d be bad to get food poisoning, or even death.  It was intimidating, though, how Kyouya raised his voice to the servant.  Nonetheless, it was able to show how strong he was.  Strength.  It was a good quality. 

Takeshi swallowed and quickly jumped over toward the table filled with breakfast.  “Aah, it looks good,” he said with a grin, as he turned to take a glimpse of the morning princess.  His heart couldn’t help but pound vehemently against his chest at that unusual beat; yet, he still had that smile plastered upon his lips.  He quickly turned back to the table and picked up the chopsticks, obeying orders.  It was the usual way he’d hold chopsticks.  A firm grip with the thumb and index fingers.  “Is this okay?”  He asked, wondering if there really was a ‘royal’ way to eat with chopsticks too.  Seriously, if there was, then he had a lot to learn.

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